101 Things To Be Thankful For Today

101 Things To Be Thankful For Today!

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No matter where you live or what country you are from.  We all have something to be thankful for.  As we enter this season of thanksgiving we can all find one thing to be thankful for.  Seasons in life bring with them thoughts and memories. Many may be happy or sad.  But what if, by thinking of one thing you are thankful for we shift our minds to a happy or peaceful place just because we found that one thing to be thankful for.  Below is a list of 101 things to be thankful for today.

Here is a suggestion of 101 Things to be thankful for today:

1.  Taking a deep breath.

2.  Laughter.  It has been said laughter is good medicine.

3.  A hug from someone you love.

4.  Going for a walk.

5.  A good night’s rest.

6.  A hot cup of coffee.

101 things to be thankful for today.
Cup of coffee.

7.  The fresh smell after the rain.

8.  Sunshine.  Brings warmth to your day.

9.  Flowers with the various range of colors and design.

10.  Clean and drinkable water.

11.  A walk along the beach.

Walking along the beach.

12.  A beautiful sunset or sunrise.

13.  A colorful butterfly.

14.  Snuggling with your pet.

15.  A scenic view.

16.  Books to read.

17.  A paper journal to draw or write in.

18.  Art supplies.

19.  Vegetable and flower gardens.

20.  A camera to capture photographs.

21.  The chance to go beachcombing.

22.  An automatic dishwasher in your home.

23.  A savings account.

24.  Being treated for lunch or dinner out.

25.  A friendly smile.

26.  Going to the movie theatre, always best shared family or friends.

27.   A date with your partner or spouse.

28.  Soap to clean your body.

29.  Indoor plumbing in your home.

30.  Fresh fruit and vegetables.

31.  Paper to write on.

32.  The ability to exercise.

33.  A cup of tea with a friend.

34.  A kitchen to make meals and desserts in.

35.  A warm coat.

36.  Mild weather.

37.  The colors of autumn.

101 things to be thankful for today.
Autumn leaves.

38.  The new growth in the springtime.

39.  Sleeping in.

40.  Days off.

41.  Holidays and vacations.

42.  The chance to watch fireworks in person.

43.  The opportunity to explore new places.

44.  A telephone to communicate with.

45.  Forgiveness.

46.  Food to eat.

47.  Good friends.

48.  Caring family.

49.  Outdoor adventures.

50.  Hospitals and doctors providing medical care.

51.  Computers to use for work and leisure.


52.  A nap when needed.

53.  The library.

54.  Visiting a favorite restaurant.

55.  Answered prayers.

56.  A cold drink in the summer.

57.  Remembering your first kiss.

58.  A campfire with friends.

101 things to be thankful for today.

59.  Your cat or dog.  Pets are so good at giving us unconditional love.

60.  Spending time doing a hobby you love.

61.  Coffee with a friend.

62.  Cozy blankets to keep warm with.

63.  Modern electricity for your home.

64.  That spotify has podcasts to listen to on your phone and computer.

65.  Farmers who grow the food we eat.

66.  The benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy.

67.  Using social media to stay connected with family and friends.

68.  Winter tires for your vehicle.

69.  Making snow forts as a youngster and an adult.

70.  For the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world.

71.  Comfortable furniture to relax on.

72.  The neighbours you meet when you walk your dog.

73.  Skilled tradesmen.

74.  Small business resources that are simple and effective to use.  Such as invoicing software that saves you time, as listed in the link below.

75.  Transportation.

76.  Delivery trucks who transport the goods and products you use.

78.  House plants that provide oxygen.

79.  The joy that music brings to your life.

80.  The Bible.

81.  Modern artificial light that enables us to read and function in the dark.

82.  The opportunity to go fishing and enjoy other outdoor sports.

83.  Central heat and central air in your home.

84.  The chance to plant a tree.

85.  Helpful resources for learning like those offered in your community.

88.  To help a friend when needed.

89.  Getting a haircut.

90.  Exchanging gifts with family and friends.

91.  Christmas and all the celebration that surrounds it.

92.  When it is lighter outside during the daytime.

93.  For all the colors in the color spectrum.

94.  Lakes and rivers.

95.  Baby giggles. How can that not make you smile?

96.  Puppy snores, that just make you laugh.

97.  When someone prays for you.

98.  Delicious honey that bees create.

99.  Making a gift for someone, whether it’s baking, a card, or a blanket, etc.  It’s a good exercise and always creates a good feeling inside.

100.  Caring teachers.

101.  Hand crafted items made with a purpose.


When we look for the positives in our daily life we have the opportunity to transform not only our own way of thinking but we will also be in a better state of mind to handle work and the unknown situations we face daily.  Maybe you can be the one to make someone smile today.


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