11 Top Resources for Success in Sales

11 Top Resources for Success in Sales

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11 Top Resources for Success in Sales.

Information is power and it increases the quality of our life.  Our life in the world of selling needs to be one of fulfillment and success.


As a result, we have created the 11 Top Resources for Success in Sales.  We are all in this together in one form or another, so today we want to provide a source of information helping us all improve our salesmanship and our monthly success and numbers.  Whether we want to make people’s lives better, or move product, provide valuable knowledge, or improve our customer’s market reach; sales people have the opportunity to enrich our lives, and the lives of those we advise and call upon.  If you need some motivation, check out a recent post that many readers really appreciated.


This life partner called Sales, or maybe Account Management is our muse, our worst enemy, and our greatest benefactor.  The profession of sales keep businesses in business.  Think of all the people at our offices that we are selling for.  At the 5am Podcast, we believe salesmen and saleswomen are the frontline of our businesses, we keep our co-workers working and producing. without further introduction here are those 11 resources we believe will embolden, inspire, educate and ignite you this week as you reach your goals in sales.

11 Top Sales Resources for Success in Sales.
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Taylor and Francis Group:


This is a subscription service from Taylor & Francis Group.  They partner with world-class authors, top professionals operating at the top of their fields. They are a leader the World over in publishing scholarly journals, books, eBooks, text books and reference works. And yes they publish informative work pertaining to sales efforts.


The organization produces more than 2,600 journals and 5,000 new books each year; their quality information and knowledge enables their customers to operate efficiently, enhance their education, and increase their personal contribution to the advancement of their specific market sectors.



1.  Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffrey Gitomer

The Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

In this book, Jeffrey Gitomer, also author of the Sales Bible, primarily focuses on why people buy.  AS you read through the book you will see that each chapter covers commonly heard excuses and advice on how to effectively counter these excuses. A great plus to this book is that there is plenty of advice on how to reach people and stay motivated.  To find out more about the author and the resources he has to offer have a look at his blog.


2.  Secrets of Closing the Sale  Zig Ziglar

The Secrets of Closing the Sale  – Author: Zig Ziglar


I was first introduced to the works of Zig Ziglar back in the mid ’90s.  I should have paid more attention to what he had to offer.  Mr. Ziglar has motivated people and offered techniques on how to relate to people for many years. What I found most beneficial in this book, was the advice on how to deal with the most common reasons people don’t buy and engaging those challenging prospects. A second benefit I found in the Secrets of Closing the Sale was the information on attitude: how to project positive feelings, and how to increase productivity and professionalism.


3.  The Greatest Salesman in the World Og Mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World – Author: Og Mandin0


What can we say about the impact Og Mandino has had on countless sales careers.  This book was first published in 1968 and offers sales professionals a philosophy of salesmanship through a parable set centuries ago. For instance, both inspiration and advice are offered through the story in this book.  It could not be more true that Mr. Mandino’s work inspires by reminding those of us in sales that believing in oneself is the first step to success.  I would encourage everyone to get this book and refer to it through out our career in sales.


4.  How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success – Frank Bettger

How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling – Author: Frank Bettger


I first heard about this book from Podcaster Steve Kloyda, who we will mention later in our 11 Top Resources for Success in Sales.  This business classic was endorsed by Dale Carnegie and it is an absolute encouragement and full of valuable information for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you sell houses, financial products, advertisements, or ideas and tech, this book is for you.  I believe it is true that no matter what you sell, after reading this book you will be more efficient and profitable and you will provide more value to your company and customers.  Probably the key take away for the reader is the step by step guide to develop ourselves personally, such as our positive attitude, our style, and presenting ourselves as a salesperson who wins.


Sales Management Association 

This site is a treasure trove of positive and intellectual information for those involved in sales.  They are a membership based website and provide a wide range of information as well as ways to engage.  Their community page helps one connect with other sales people and their blog page has great coaching content and information about helpful conferences and events.

Steve Kloyda The Art of Prospecting

Steve Kloyda is connected to the Minnesota Sales Institute and founder of The Prospecting Expert.  Once a former Stockbroker Steve understood that those engaged in sales could benefit from his unique perspective and approach to getting in the door (prospecting) and selling.  In his book The Art of Prospecting Mr. Kloyda shares how to develop the skills required to enhance our prospecting and get face to face with our potential customer.  So let’s face it, when it comes to prospecting we need a positive attitude, inspiration and encouragement, but the foundation to all the above is the learned skill of getting  in the customer’s door and providing our product or service and this book will help us do just that.


Get your Foot in the Door

Host Steve Kloyda “The Prospecting Expert” offers helpful advice in his weekly podcasts.  For over 30 years Mr. Kloyda has been refining the sales engagement process and this experience comes out in his helpful podcasts and book.  His years of experience enable him to share what has helped and hindered him over the years. His podcast provides practical advice for all sales people who face the challenge of developing new relationships when selling.

Predicable Prospecting

There was a time when Marylou Tyler was a systems engineer but now-a-days she is known as a sales engagement expert.  And many are thankful she made the switch.  When one listens to her podcast episodes they will find engaging content from industry leaders who share their experiences and provide practical advice about lead generation, selling and managing their sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Radio

Matt Heinz is an award-winning blogger and speaker who interviews the brightest minds in the business offering tactical advice on how to grow, nourish and refresh your sales pipeline. As a result of listening, we can stay up-to-date on the latest practices such as account-based marketing, key pipeline metrics, demand generation, and sales effectiveness.

The Ziglar Show

There is no question that over the years sales legend Zig Ziglar enhanced the lives of countless sales professionals through his books and teaching events.  Hosts, Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller present The Ziglar Show which was originally developed as a tribute to Mr. Ziglar, after that it has grown from there. The challenges of being a salesperson can sometimes feel a bit much and have us reeling, but this podcast is worth the listen.  It encourages and inspires the salesperson on a deep level imparting information that lasts and fuels us as we go about our day.  Of the related topics shared, two main ones are the benefits of prayer and reflection (meditation) and effective communication.  This podcast is less technical, like Steve Kloyda’s, and more relational.


In Conclusion, those in sales are the financial source and foundation of their organization.  We have a personal and professional responsibility to excel and succeed.  It is our goal in creating 11 Top Resources for Success in Sales to provide sources of information and inspiration for you as you engage your customers and fulfill your goals in your chosen profession.  We have a great goal setting worksheet that has helped organize and obtain our goals.  You can find that link right here.


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