12 Stress-Busting Tips

12 Stress-Busting Tips

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The human body is absolutely incredible.  Our minds and our physical structures are incredibly strong.  However, that doesn’t mean that we’re not susceptible to a wide assortment of ailments and injuries that other people are.  Even the strongest among us become stressed out and need tips to help us move forward.  Check out this article if you’re feeling the strain of stress.  We discuss 12 Stress-Busting Tips below.  When you are already pressed for time throughout your day, saying “no” to offers people make, that you are not actually interested in will give you more control and definitely less stress!

12 Stress-Busting Tips:

1.  A great tip that can help you fight stress is to take some time off and treat yourself.

You can treat yourself in a number of ways.  You can splurge and eat something delicious or you can buy yourself a nice piece of clothing or item that you’ve always wanted.

2.  A great tip that can assist you fight stress is to simply say “no” to people when you know you can’t put more on your plate.

If you have a hard time saying “no” to people, you might find yourself in a tough situation by having to do too many things at once.

3.  Getting a pet can help you with stress management.

Research has proven that petting an animal for a few minutes helps to relieve or lower stress levels.  Playing with animals is proven to reduce stress and release endorphins in the brain, making you happier and healthier.  Cats, dogs, birds, lizards, and any number of other animals can be a great way to de-stress your life.

13 Stress-Busting Tips
Petting an animal for a few minutes helps to lower stress levels.

4.  Exercise away the stress.

Exercise uses your pent up energy in a positive way to de-stress your body.  Find an exercise routine that suits you, try cardio, jogging, cycling or weight training and sweat out the stress!  You will be giving your body a great workout and using the negative energy caused by stress to do something positive for yourself.

Let’s continue to find out more about the 12 Stress-Busting Tips below:

5.  To identify hidden sources of stress in your life, start keeping a stress journal.

Each time you find yourself feeling stressed out, make a note of it in your journal.  Record what happened, how it made you feel and how you responded to the stressful event or situation.  This will allow you to spot patterns of stress over time so you can develop an effective long term stress management plan.

If you are unable to convince yourself that stress is bad just because of the effects it has on your heart, then you should remember that it also causes you to gain weight.  When you are feeling more stressed your body attempts to hold on to the energy that it has, causing you to gain and retain weight.

13 Stress-Busting Tips
Taking time to journal.

6.  Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to help relieve stress and tension, and it’s pretty cheap too!

You can do it practically anywhere and deep breathing exercises work fast to oxygenate the blood which gives your brain a boost of energy, so you not only lose stress but you gain momentum!

7.  One great way to deal with stress is to be sure that your posture is correct.

This is important because you may be causing physical stress to your body with incorrect posture.  The tension that builds up in your shoulders can cause you to feel more pain than you ordinarily would.  Correct posture will also help you to feel more alert and positive.

We finish our discussion of  these 12 Stress-Busting Tips as follows:


8.  If you feel stressed and irritable in the morning, try waking up 15 minutes earlier.

It may seem counterintuitive to deprive yourself of sleep, but this will allow you to have a nice breakfast and to feel less rushed as you head out the door.  Getting up earlier may also help you avoid stress inducing traffic.

9.  If you have problems with stress, try joining a sports or community team.

Look for adult softball, racquetball, basketball, or other team sports.  Sports are great for relieving stress because they satisfy our need for competition as well as providing exercise.  Let yourself have some fun and burn some calories to relieve your stress.

10.  A good tip that can help you keep your stress in check, is to remind yourself that other people have gone through what you’ve gone through.

Whatever difficult situation you’re in, there’s always someone who has gone through it and persevered.  Telling yourself this, can be a great way to keep your stress down.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with all that you need to get done, make sure you speak up to family members or friends who can help you.  Many times these people are more than willing to help, they just need to know that you need them.  Don’t try to be a superhero and do it all on your own.

11.  If you want a calmer and less stressful lifestyle, try prayer or meditating.

Meditating is a great way to remove yourself from the stresses of day to day life and to give yourself a relaxing break.  Try prayer or meditation for a few minutes from your desk at work, or pulling over and meditating during a long drive.  You’ll find it makes getting through the day a lot easier.

13 Stress-Busting Tips
Find ways to laugh.

12.  To reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body, find ways to laugh!

Laughter has been proven to be one of the best defenses the body has against stress.  Try keeping a few funny jokes, pictures, or videos on-hand so that you can look at them when you’re feeling burnt out.  You’ll be surprised at how much better a little laughter makes you feel.

As strong as you may be, there will come a time when things simply become too much to take and this is where the above article can help you out.  Beating back the stress associated with our hectic lives is essential for our mental wellbeing.  Use what you’ve read here to lead a life reduced of stress.

Thanks for reading these 12 Stress-Busting Tips.  Remember to seize you days, and find one thing to be thankful for everyday.

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