19 Great Resources for Healthy Recipes

19 Great Resources for Healthy Recipes

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What if you are not a fitness, dietitian or nutrition expert but still want to prepare and consume healthy meals for your family?  We’ve been on a search that can narrow down some of the best choices to make it a little simpler.

There are thousands of resources out there, Here are a few we’ve noticed that share great recipes.

Whether you are looking for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or just a few new good recipes this will give you a head start.  Let’s take a look at these 19 Great Resources for Healthy Recipes…

A buffet of choices for your salad. 19 Resources for Healthy Recipes.
A buffet of choices for your salad.

1.  Making Thyme for Health – Sarah strives to creates simple and seasonal plant-based recipes.

2.  Love & Lemons – Jeanine and Jack create and photograph vegetarian recipes from their home in Chicago.

3. With Peanut Butter on Top –  Samantha is a cook, photographer, and the full-time blogger behind With Peanut Butter on Top.  If you choose to subscribe to receive new recipe alerts you’ll have the chance to get a free ecookbook, which features her blog’s top 10 healthy recipes.

4.  Healthy Fitness Meals – Rena is the founder of Healthy Fitness Meals which features delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes.

5.  Beyond the Bite 4 Life – Gabriella is a certified chef and writer who uses diet, lifestyle and personal primal knowledge to facilitate healing from chronic lyme disease.   She creates many paleo, ketogenic, and autoimmune protocol paleo recipes.

6.  Show Me the Yummy – Trevor and Jennifer live in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are inspired by their love of food are on a mission to find all things yummy!

7.  My New Roots – Sarah features recipes and ideas revolving around her plant-based way of eating.  Her hope is that you’ll discover new recipes filled with flavour and nourishment.

8.  Evergreen Kitchen – Features a collection of recipes, resources and inspiration for including healthy vegetarian recipes into your life.

 19 Resources for Healthy Recipes.
Healthy breakfast.

9.  Good Eatings – Malin is the writer, creative, and photographer on this blog talking about vegan food.  She currently lives in the Swedish countryside.  If you subscribe for updates you will receive the Good Eatings Breakfast Book for free containing 15+ recipes.

10.  The Barefoot Housewife – Tina is a graphic designer, food stylist, food photographer & blogger.  Her approach to food is simple – eat more plants and enjoy them surrounded by friends and family.

11.  Skinny Taste – Gina is the author and recipe developer at Skinnytaste.com. Her food ideology is to eat seasonal, whole foods.  She has many recipes available on her website and several books accessible for purchase as well.

12.  Fraichen Nutrition – Tori is a Registered Dietitian and foodie who shares her passion for food and lifestyle through her blog.

13.  A Beautiful Plate – Laura is a trained chef and recipe developer living in Chicago. A Beautiful Plate is a food blog devoted to the skill of seasonal cooking and providing inspiration in your kitchen.

14.  Little Northern Bakehouse – Little Northern Bakehouse believes everyone should be able to include great tasting bread.  They provide wheat-free alternatives for celiacs, people with wheat sensitivities, or just a dietary choice.  Checkout their blog for gluten free recipes.

Healthy Fruit snack.
Healthy Fruit snack.

15.  Oh She Glows – is an award-winning recipe blog by Anglea Liddon featuring over 500 healthy recipes.  Most of the recipes are free of gluten, soy, and processed foods. She shares other great resources for healthy recipes.

16.  Medical mediumNew York Times best-selling author Anthony William,  has devoted his life to helping people overcome illness and disease. On this blog  you’ll find inspiration and useful insights on fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, recipes, and applications that will help you to heal and feel your best.  He is most recently known for being the originator of the celery juice movement.

17.  The Movement Menu – Monica is the recipe developer and blogger behind The Movement Menu.  This is a blog devoted to creating healthy recipes, and new ways to live a balanced and active lifestyle.

18.  Amy Le Creations – Amy creates healthy vegan recipes and shares nutritious meals and desserts.

19.  Natasha Wellness – Natasha creates some plant-based recipes and is a health coach and personal chef.

Our hope is that is this is a small resource for some new ideas for healthy eating and recipes.  So go ahead and seize the day in a healthy way


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