3 Great WPForms Upload Features

3 Great WPForms Upload Features

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3 Great WPForms Upload Features.  You and your blog followers have a growing relationship.  You are communicating your passion and ideas and those who appreciate and consume your content, they keep coming back time and again because they want to consume what you produce.  We have 3 Great WPForms Upload Features which help you connect with your favorite fans.  For the content creator there are numerous beneficial features with WPForms.  We recently wrote another helpful article which our readers really appreciated.  It was about how to create a signature add-on with WPForms.  This was a very helpful post.

3 Great WPForms Upload Features

The Benefits of Using the Signature Addon in WPForms.

  • Sign your forms right on your website with an Electronic Signature.
  • No printing or faxing documents needed.
  • No need for a third-party service.

WPForms Signature Addon is an ideal feature to use for contracts, order forms, terms of service agreements, applications, and petitions, etc.

Did you know that over 3,000,000+ professionals use WPForms to build Smarter Forms?  

Yes, you can create powerful WordPress forms in just minutes with their drag and drop form builder!

Communication works best when it flows in both directions.  Your followers consume your information and you continue the engagement.  At times you will need information from them.  WPForms has great options for setting up file and form uploads.  For example, let us take your wood crafting blog and your related online properties.  We know well how all the social media platforms work together like the hub and spoke in the wheel of your social media network.

Here are the types of file formats that WPForms file upload Addon enables you to receive on your WordPress empire.

  • Audio
  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Videos

While one can upload all the most common file formats WordPress has a link here to show you other formats that can be uploaded.  To configure your site to accept additional file formats, you’ll need to install WP Extra File Types, a free WordPress plugin.  These additional files can pose security risks for you and as a result WordPress provides security options for you to implement.

These security features include:

  • Guest Registration.
  • File extension restrictions.
  • File size restrictions.

Let us take a moment to talk about how reCAPTCHA can help you secure submissions to your online forms.

Think of reCAPTCHA as an easy to use security system, or maybe even a security guard for your cyber hotspot.

reCAPTCHA works well, by verifying human activity on the business end of your submission form.  This reCAPTCHA security guard you just added will block every automated spam submission.

We all know how secure we feel at an event when we can trust the security team.  Your users will have a similar feeling helping them follow through with a submission to your WordPress platform.  reCAPTCHA is so easy to implement.  In truth it only takes a few simple steps to add this effective level of security to your WP platform.

This new security cyber staff member will bar your cyber doors to those spam bots that have been stealing your time with fake submissions.  Think about all the time you will save thanks to adding reCAPTCHA!  It is a great anti-spam WordPress plug-in and it is free for you to use.

WordPress makes all submission forms really easy.  You know, they want your internet ventures to be safe and successful.  When you build the form submission options on your site there really are a variety of help options:

  • File Upload (of course).
  • User Rating.
  • Signature.
  • Contact information.
  • Section Divider.

The form submission options are also scalable and modular.

Benefits of WPForms Upload Features:

  • Versatility.
  • File Storage with great capacity.
  • Notifications of uploads.
  • Receipt confirmations.


We have compiled a few smart Features.  The WPForms file upload Addon can increase contact and improve communications with your consumers and followers.

3 Great WPForms Upload Features

Product Development for Clients:

  • Upload Project related photos and other content even audio and video files.
  • Clients can submit service requests.
  • Warranty Issues.
  • Change requests and Project feedback.

Virtual Team Members:

  • Specific task related forms.
  • Guest contributor content.
  •  Job seekers can upload resumes.
  • Team members can upload progress reports.
  • Upload client files.
  • Expense forms, Invoices, time sheets and other HR requirements.


  • Submit contests entries.
  • Upload content to group forums.
  • Ask for project advise and photo suggestions for project ideas and concepts.
  • Upload project ideas and submissions.
  • Event participation.
  • Pay for services, subscriptions, and products.

Everyone Likes to Get Paid.

Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms.

We all know that payments are key to the success of our online content businesses.  Money is one motivating factor in our content production.  Our subscribers want to support our content.  We are a benefit to them, and the recurring payment add-on is a way to make sure they can benefit us.  Here is a look at the WPForms add-on Stripe and it’s recurring feature.  Stripe is a powerful and profitable addition, to any site.  This add-on gets even better by providing that recurring payment option.  This solves a problem for both you and your supporters.  Your supporters are already on your site enjoying their time and appreciating your content; now it is easier for your audience to give back to you on a recurring basis.  They can even choose the frequency of payment.  The Recurring Payments with WPForms, really is super easy for everyone involved.

Let’s Build. 

Before you create these submission options you need to activate the form template pack Addon.  There are pre-built file upload forms.  This makes the submission forms easy to add where you need it.  In addition to the pre-built forms there are also drag and drop features with which you can build your own forms.  WPForms supplies drag and drop form fields that can be easily inserted to create custom forms.  Here is a helpful link for WPForms.

When you get to the building phase of your submission form Addons of your site you can use this affiliate link to get the fun form building started. This really will increase the amount of engagement you exchange with your fantastic fans.  You can seriously dig deep here with all the form options.

These possibilities are as endless as they are helpful.  As we have said before WordPress wants your success.  As we wrap this up there are a couple of points to remember.  There is no doubt that these 3 Great WPForms Upload Features will help you connect with your community of fans.  These upload features help you collect information and keep up to date with your consumers’ needs and ideas.  You can expand your team, communicate about ideas, and move your numbers and profitability in an upward direction all because your communication flows both ways with these submission form add-ons.  That is it for us today at the 5AM Podcast: Seize your days, control your ways and be more than a conqueror.



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