3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales

3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales

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At 5AM Podcast we believe there is no limit to the benefits physical exercise brings to your career and life.  We have created a brief but strong list of 3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales.  Below, you will find 3 great life changers that result from exercise.  It goes without saying that exercise provides a myriad of positives in one’s life.  I believe exercise and work should go hand in hand.  I enjoy going to the gym nearly everyday and I have found that this intentional physically demanding activity provides me with a sustained energy boost and the increased mental capacity to achieve my sales goals.


Here is a personal testimony from one sales manager:

“With regular and consistent exercise, my sales staff have reported less afternoon sleepiness, increased closing rates, and fewer customer service issues… Plus they want to go back to the gym everyday.  Well worth the effort.”

3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales
Exercise to get ahead.

Benefits of Exercise:


  1. Psychological Benefits: 

    Clothing fits better, they look better on you, and you appear more comfortable and professional.  I believe that you will have more confidence and energy because of a regular exercise routine.  Personally, there is an increased level of happiness – exercise produces changes in the part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety.  There are Several studies which document the positive relationship that exists between physical fitness and academic achievement.  We believe the same will hold true in your career.

  2. Health Benefits:

    For weight loss, it has been shown time and again that exercise increases your metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight much faster that dieting alone.  Exercise increases energy levels. One study found that six weeks of regular exercise reduced feelings of fatigue for 36 healthy people who had reported persistent fatigue.  Long term health maintenance and physical mobility are also enhanced and protected by regular exercise and healthy eating.  We all know that with regular exercise: you sleep better, you have more energy, and you burn more fat.  It really is a winning way of life.

3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales:

  1. Exercise alleviates stress.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which reduce stress levels, among other things. When you are less stressed you are better able to manage your prospecting list and client needs.  One will be more emotionally intelligent when dealing with problems.  Exercise makes you less irritable and have greater mental focus and creativity.  In my opinion, this leads to the ability to better prioritize tasks as you think more clearly and have more confidence.

  1. Exercise boosts brain activity.

Exercising sends more blood into the brain, which helps you be more alert and have greater focus.  As a result, you will be better-equipped to meet client needs and objections, and find the clarity and strength to work on a difficult project, and generally accomplish more during the day.

“Exercise has been consistently shown to enhance and elevate mood, so it will help you cope with the stressors of work.” – Cedric Bryant, the Chief Science Officer of the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.).

3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales
Fitness and success go hand in hand.

The A.C.E. also cites evidence that:

  • A daily 10-minute stretching program among assembly-line workers resulted in significant improvement in joint flexibility, fatigue, anger, depression, and overall mood.
  • A nine-month study of 80 executives proved that exercisers experienced a 22% increase in fitness and a 70% improvement in the ability to make complex decisions compared to sedentary peers.

“If we’re talking about brain performance, the best predictor of brain speed is aerobic capacity—how well you can run up a hill is very strongly correlated with brain speed and cognitive shifting ability,” Dr. Steven Masley,


Check to see if there is a gym close to your office, where you could use your lunch hour to work out for at least 20 minutes.  Or if the idea of exercising and then going back to work doesn’t appeal to you, go to the gym before work or before going home.  If gyms aren’t your thing, find a route where you can walk around the block at your office.  Take the stairs up and down three times a week rather than the elevator.  Find healthy ways at 3 p.m. to boost your energy rather than reach for the caffeine.


  1. Exercise changes your view of self.


Proverbs 23:7 – For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. “Eat and drink! Be merry and glad” he says to you, But in his heart he is not with you.

Part of your action list for your goals needs to be how you view yourself and your abilities.  Regular intentional exercise increases your view of what you are capable of accomplishing.  Exercise builds confidence.  Exercise changes your mindset and teaches you that your efforts build upon what you have accomplished in the past. Increased confidence levels from regular exercise enable you to be more successful while at work.

3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales
Working out for a healthy business.

In conclusion,

Exercise changes the physical and the mental aspects of your life.  Exercise teaches you what can be accomplished from consistent and intentional efforts.  The profession of sales is a mental game requiring the strength of mindset, in addition to the assets of physical strength and endurance.  These 3 Powerful Ways Exercise Impacts Sales if implemented for the long term, should send you farther along the path toward your sales goals.  With exercise, there is an extra pep in your step, and less caffeine in your cup.  Build your body, build your mind, and build your business.  This post talks about exercising the body, now here is something for your mind: Our Top 11 resources for success in sales.  Seize your days, control your ways, and achieve beyond your goals.


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