3 Powerful Ways SEMrush Increases Sales

 3 Powerful Ways SEMrush Increases Sales

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Here at the 5am podcast we not only want to encourage and motivate you because we know you have excellent opportunity and potential for success.  We also want to provide you with practical information you can use to grow your business and investments.  In this article we show you 3 Powerful Ways SEMrush Increases Sales.  We want you to get out of the e-commerce doldrums and find the success you want at your e-commerce store.

Years ago I thought of a few great items to sell online.  While the products were nice and attractive, I just couldn’t connect with buyers.  I tried social media ads to no avail – I realized I was throwing away good money after bad; the process seemed completely ineffective.  Then I found out about utilizing SEO for e-commerce.  Then it was time to read and learn what I was missing out on.  Oh Happy Days!

 3 Powerful Ways SEMRush Increases Sales

Related Keywords:

What is that lucky or magic recipe for e-commerce success?  Time for a brief history lesson… Luck was a Demi-god in the pantheon of ancient humanity.  Today, we realize what many refer to as luck is actually your preparation and knowledge meeting with opportunity.  SEO information related to the keywords that trigger product listing ads (or PLAs) are the key in knowing not only what to sell but also how to word your ads.  With SEMrush we can cross match keywords so we stay away from ineffective words and use this proven technique to optimize our cost per click (CPC) and find more sales for less money.  This process locates the people who want to find you and your products.

Hack the Sales Funnels:

In our opinion, there are way too many sales funnel infographics on Pinterest.  SEO for e-commerce enables you to simply see what your potential customers are specifically searching for – and how they are searching for it.  Without the SEO services of SEMrush it is like the porch light is off and no one is coming around.  The sales search takes the potential buyer to a variety of options, while you, without SEMrush are spending money to advertise what these buyers never see.  Very possibly you may be advertising to people at the top of the sales funnel.  You do advertise, but it is to the people not yet ready to buy, or worse yet, they are not even searching where you are placing your products or ads.

SEO for E-commerce with SEMrush gives you the tools to actually be in front of the serious searcher, further down the into the sales funnel.  Those people at the top of the sales funnel, well you thought you had to have them as part of your process, but you don’t.  With SEMrush SEO services you can remove the Discovery and Interest parts of that sales funnel and get straight to the searchers at the Desire and Action stages, right in front of their top search results.  Making selling quicker and more efficient.  Once they buy from you with your new SEO skills then you can build that all important loyalty – probably the very quality you are good at.

 3 Powerful Ways SEMRush Increases Sales
Increase your sales.

What SEMrush Offers:

  • SEMrush has 24/7 support.
  • SEMrush Academy helps you learn the skills you need.
  • They provide a helpful Marketing Calendar.
  • Create Custom Reports for invaluable measurement tools.

SEMrush – 3 Great Plans to Choose From:

  1. Pro for freelancers and startups.
  2. Guru for growing marketing agencies with a great marketing platform.
  3. Business for agencies and E-commerce with an established web presence.
 3 Powerful Ways SEMRush Increases Sales
Sample Advertisements.

I know you believe your products or services will enhance the lives and experiences of your customers.  At 5AM Podcast we want to help you in your success.  We have a resources page where you can find other useful tools to help you achieve your dreams and goals.  There are two other products we have recently written about and so many have found helpful.  They are Grammarly and the accounting software FreshBooks. Now back to the conversation at hand: SEMrush wants you to be an e-commerce success and to provide your products to new clients.  SEMrush knows their tools make finding RTB (ready-to-buy) customers easier to acquire.  Using their powerful tools, you will find it more effective to bring your products and services to the front of search results of those ready to buy.  We hope you found these 3 Powerful Ways SEMrush Increases Sales insightful, we believe these particular tools will make a difference in your bottom line and in the length of time it takes to build your business.

There will be new ideas for you to learn.  SEMrush is there to help you with their online classes, and with their 24/7 friendly support.  You can get SEMrush for a free trial today.  With this free trial it will be easy to find the plan that works best for you.




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