5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You'll Love
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5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You’ll Love

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Unique Christmas gifts are sometimes difficult to find or get – but you can spread additional holiday cheer by creating your own gifts that everyone will love. Some are more costly than others are, and a couple  will take more time to create…but in general, the 5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You’ll Love in this guide are easy to make and worth the effort.

5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You’ll Love

The best gifts come from the heart, so check out these favorites that will bring a smile to everyone’s face:

1. Customized Calendar

2. Acrylic Photo Blocks

3. Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

4: Photo Book

5. Cookie Mix

DIY Christmas Gift #1: Customized Calendar

Wouldn’t a wonderful gift be a personalized photo calendar for your Mother, friend or favourite family member.  It’s easy to create a one of a kind personalized calendar at mixbook.com.  There are simple step by step directions to help you create your calendar.

DIY Christmas Gift #2: Acrylic Photo Blocks

Select your favorite photo and design a wonderful acrylic photo block that looks great on a desk, a fireplace mantel or a side table.  In just a few clicks, you can create a photo block bursting with bright colors and a great setting.

Acrylic Photo Block

DIY Christmas Gift #3: Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You'll Love
Sugar Scrub

Here is an idea for a lovely smelling lavender sugar scrub that will leave your hands and body feeling smooth and soft.  You can make and mix up this wonderful recipe at home.  Makes a great gift idea, as well!  All the details and instructions are listed here.

DIY Christmas Gift #4: Photo Book

We all have special occasions we love to document but sometimes lack the time or knowledge of the best way to do so.  So why not create a photo book for friend or family member of a memorable event or occasion.  Maybe Grandma would love one of her grand babies first year or a selection of all the grandchildren.   It’s simple and will create a lasting memory to be treasured forever.

DIY Christmas Gift #5: Cookie Mix

Assemble a delicious sweet treat for friends or family members on your holiday gift list with a cookie in a jar mix.   You’ll need a mixing bowl,  1 Quart Mason jars and all the ingredients. See attached video for instructions.

First combine flour, baking soda and salt in a mixing bowl.

Next, layer the ingredients in a Mason jar with some of the powdered ingredients (flour, baking soda and salt) on the bottom. Then add packed brown sugar, granulated sugar and chocolate chips on top and seal the jar.  Print baking instructions on a label and personalize as desired.

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So make this an unforgettable Holiday season with one of these 5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts You’ll Love.


Have an excellent holiday season!