5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

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5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

As we celebrate the birth of the Saviour of humanity many of us are thinking about our business goal for the new year.  The historical account of the birth of Jesus presents several relatable truths which are applicable to our entrepreneurial endeavours.  As a result, I have compiled these 5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles.  At times, we can despise our small beginnings.  Like starting the computer company in the garage, or the nutrition company in our parent’s basement.  As we celebrate at Christmas, we are able to remember the humble beginnings of the Christ-child – this birthing of the Saviour of humanity in a feed trough as the livestock looked on.
Please, never despise the smalls steps and dark days of your origin story.  This is why I wanted to use this holiday season story to remind you of the greatness that lays in the manger of your mind.

“The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces good, and the evil person out of evil treasure produces evil; for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks.”  –  Luke 6:45

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…”  –  Proverbs 23:7

I want to use this post to illustrate your capacity to overcome the obstacles that may stand in your way in 2020.  Regardless of your position on your vision-path these principles are valuable tools to keep you going and to navigate around upcoming obstacles.   At 5AM Podcast, our theme for 2020 is: “Once you have the vision, run until it is done.”

1. A Family on the Move

5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

  1. Government “red-tape”. The family was under an imposed government mandate to travel during a holiday season and within days of the baby being born.
  2. The timeline and action to carry out the vision of the birth is independent of the imposed will of the government.  Sometimes life calls an audible.  Maybe unexpected change of plans or venue.  Keep going, work within the new parameters, but keep your goal as the first priority.
  3. Operating within the imposed requirements while remaining committed to accomplishing the vision enabled this young family to be at the right place at the right time.  Despite the objections, they followed through on the execution of the plan. You can too.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”Jim Rohn

2. Working With What is At Hand5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

  1. The soon-to-be parents could find no “traditionally-suitable” lodging. However, they were not deterred and found a place to carry out the final stages of the vision.
  2. The surroundings were not ideal for a couple needing a place to sleep. Even more so for a facility in which to give birth.  And to give birth to one who would come to have a world-wide following.  It is easy to look down on our humble beginnings.  When compared to what others have, we may be tempted to acquire the assets of another as we perceive them to be superior to what we have.  Another’s habitation, or their station in life is not our asset – it is theirs.  This is our vision we are manifesting, and we have what we need within us and around us.

3. Effective Marketing

  1. An Angelic choir singing to shepherds may be out of our budget, but using testimonies of happy customers (or tribe members) can have an almost “supernatural” effect on your marketing campaigns.
  2. Know your target market, and fine tune your focus toward your specific group.  I don’t know anything about the Palestine sheep industry from back in that day but in this century you can use a targeted media campaign that enables you to be efficient and effective in spreading the good news about your initiative.

4. Receiving Assistance 

    1. Wise men do bring gifts.  In the historical account of the birth of Jesus the wise men actually came a year or two later.  This may be applicable for your venture as well.  Wise counsel will arrive.  They will have seen and heard about you.  Perhaps watching your progress now.  They may literally see your rising star and take note of what you are doing and where you are.  Keep your chin up and your best foot forward. Make those first impressions positive and memorable.  Yes work on your pitch, but work on your product more.  Refine, and be ready.  As for your network, build your network through mutual benefit. Don’t waste time on relationships that don’t help either party.  Help yourself and help others.  Sometimes there are those who will also come alongside you, but they are not in it for your benefit – so watch out for the predators. The Predators are in the story of the Christ-child as well.  Be alert, listen to your network, and pay attention to who is circling around you.

5. Path Out of Trouble5 Valuable Christmas Themed Business Principles

    1. Part of the Christmas story is the Messiah’s family escaping from Bethlehem to Egypt to avoid the sword of the king’s forces.  These weren’t tax collectors – they were out for blood.  Herod sought the death of the perceived rival, what he believed could be competition for his power. Keeping friends close is a valuable part of networking, not only for the synergy created but also as a way of getting insight from the experience of others.  In the case of King Herod there was an angelic heads up to the Holy Family regarding impending doom.  In our modern mind let us liken Herod’s search for the child to business rivals, or also government mandates, or inequitable taxation. These can still serve to put to death our newborn vision.  These negative influences are not to be taken lightly.  Taxation, for example, can hurt the bottom line of a growing company.  Moving to a new location with less tax and a more business friendly climate/mentality could be a very important part of your growth strategy.

In Conclusion,

We should all be so fortunate that our vision had such an impact that people would be talking about, and celebrating our achievements 2000 years later.  These 5 valuable Christmas themed business principles will serve to remind us to keep our vision and our goals as a main priority through the upcoming year.  Start by:

  1.  Keeping track of where you are headed in 2020 – keep track of those who help, and those who hinder. Click here for our Goal setting worksheet.
  2.  Leave the hindrances behind.
  3.  Stick to your path: There may be no room for you within the traditional ideas of your expectations.  That is okay.  Ask for Divine insight from this Messiah on how to proceed.
  4. No doubt, there will be travel, there will be government red tape and taxation, there will be rivals of ALL kinds.  However, keep in mind too of the Divine guidance, the successful marketing, and those wise individuals that will cross your path to lighten your load, refresh you and send you on your way with new things of value.  Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and yours.


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