5 Ways Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest

5 Ways Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest

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When Social Media platforms make changes about how they operate or change their requirements for content creators, 5AM Podcast wants you to know about it.  Below, we discuss 5 Ways Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest.  There has been more changes from Pinterest marketing recently.  Many content creators and social media entrepreneurs use tailwind to manage their posts.  Recently Pinterest changed their algorithm for content with favour being focused on new, fresh content.  


Tailwind as usual is completely looking out for their customers by staying up-to-date on all these Pinterest changes.  We all have known that Tailwind provides its users with great tips and information on how to navigate the changes that arise.  Tailwind has a very helpful product called Smart Guide – this may not be news to you but I will show you how Tailwind is helping content creators win when it comes to Pinterest and this new algorithm.


Pinterest is a great place for high quality images, it is a search engine and it also encourages pinners to engage, save and click your pins.  Here at 5AM Podcast we want to bring you the best information to help you achieve your goals and succeed with your social media plans.  That is why we are discussing this new Pinterest algorithm and how Tailwind will help you succeed with your Pinterest content.  With this new algorithm, Pinterest is changing the rules and is making this new algorithm promote and give an advantage to pins containing new fresh images.  


Pinterest is really trying to get away from the images that have been re-circulating across the boards of their platform.  Fresh content is the new variable you need to be aware of if you post to Pinterest.  They are defining fresh content as an image that has not been saved to Pinterest before.  They are looking for more than just a change in font and drop shadow or colour sequences.  As we know Pinterest is all about images and they want new images, with relevancy and freshness being the kingpins.  Older content will still be around but it will succumb to this new algorithm change.

5 Ways Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest.


1. Pinned Engagements.

Pinterest always considers Pinners’ engagements and what they discovered was new fresh (not seen on Pinterest before) images are what Pinners are after.  You can still post your older excellent content to multiple boards.  However, keep in mind the algorithm pixies will be looking for the fresh as a spring daisy content. 

That being said, if you have evergreen products, (maybe seasonal content) you will still be okay with that timely and dependable content.  Pinterest will still be that evergreen platform we all appreciate but now their system will be blending the new with the evergreen and it will continue to evolve in favor of the new fresh content.

New content will automatically receive more attention from the algorithm pixies and these fresh images will gain more traction quicker than before.


2.  SmartGuide for Smart Creators.

Tailwinds SmartGuide is a very useful program which monitors your pinning and alerts you to what you are doing that may hamper your reach.  SmartGuide really is a smart guide for posting content to Pinterest.  It really will help you advance and help your content gain traction.  SmartGuide can do this because it suggests the best practices to help with a successful schedule for your pins.  

Tailwinds SmartGuide knows how to handle this algorithm change and knows that your newer relevant content is going to start rising higher than the older relevant images.  Don’t forget to keep your existing content relevant and cohesive.  As you redesign, let’s say your title and description, don’t forget to optimize it for this new change.

Here is a link to Guidelines for SmartGuide.

You can use existing content just think of ways your image can become fresh.

3.  Pinterest terms:

  • Curate: pinning other people’s content.
  • Create: developing your own pins.

Creating original content will always achieve more for you than curating the content of another.

Always make your own content a priority to post with SmartGuide.  You can use content from others but keep yours as the priority.  With SmartGuide you are able to post the same image to different boards, this is actually recommended.  Just remember to keep your images relevant to the specific boards.  Keep in mind the same fresh image can be relevant on different boards.  Smart Loop will still work well with the new algorithm and Smartguide will stay on top of all the posting priorities for you.

4.  Don’t forget the Analytics.

Tailwind makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the analytics.  These analytics will show you if your images are working and gaining traction.  We want you to post content with the knowledge derived from Tailwinds analytics.  Pinterest is always changing and SmartGuide stays up-to-date for you so that any changes that come along are accommodated for in SmartGuide. 

 With the new algorithm and the features of the analytics in mind think of the creative ways, new angles, or new approaches that will provide added value to your pinners.  One can track the traffic to their website from Pinterest with the analytics feature on Tailwind.  In the “Monitor Your Domain” section of the dashboard one can see how many Pins are being posted from your website to Pinterest.  Plus so much more.

5.  Board Engagement.

We all have our board lists and the serious Pinner needs to know how effective their content is on these boards.  Part of what Tailwind provides is information on board engagement.  Tailwind makes it easy with the use of their pin inspector to analyze your boards.  This valuable feature lets you see how your pins are working and you can check often and stay current with the board insights.  Add a board list to your draft pin, and easily add your content to all the boards on your list.  This simple feature streamlines your workflow – Just another way Tailwind helps you get ahead.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Remember the Main Thing.

Tailwind is here for you with SmartGuide.  Your main thing is not the posting but the content creation and tribe engagement.  As you need, create this fresh content and Tailwind will use their tech and experience to help you achieve higher yields and greater traction.  

With those parts covered you can focus on your main thing.  Changing images for fresh ones can be done easily if you have the right mindset.  Here are a couple of examples.  Change what is easy, like a background and keep the elements that communicate your message best.  

Remember Pinterest deals in images and your best friend here is your presentation.  The Topic is important but presentation is how your topic arrives.  Focus on these 5 Ways Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest.


Tailwind definitely helps us to seize our days, control our ways and be more than a conqueror.


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