57 New Things To Do This Year

57 New Things To Do This Year!

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Are you looking for inspiration for things to do throughout the year?

We’ve compiled a list of 57 new things to do this year to get you started.

1.  Start a grateful journal.  Do this by writing down one thing you are thankful for each day.

2.  Visit a new park in your city.

3.  Go cycling.

4.  Send some happy mail, a card or letter to encourage a friend or family member.

5.  Spend time at the beach or lake looking at nature and wildlife. Bring your camera and take pictures.

6.  Spend some time beach combing at a local beach.

57 New Things To Do This Year!
Spending time at the lake.

7.  Visit a city you’ve never been to before.

8.  Go fishing with a friend.

9.  Learn to play a new musical instrument.

10.  Plant some new vegetables which you’ve never grown before in your garden.

11.  Plant a herb garden to use for cooking.

12.  Try a new recipe.

13.  Read a new book.

14.  Teach your dog a new trick.

15.  Unplug from your electronics and mobile devices for a couple hours and go for a walk, or read a book.

16.  Volunteer at the local food bank or homeless shelter.

17.  Go to an outdoor concert at the park.

18.  Tour a botanical garden.

Botanical Gardens.
Visiting a botanical garden.

19.  Go to the Zoo.

20.  Go bowling with some friends.

21.  Learn a new skill.

22.  Learn some basic phrases in a new language.

23.  Make someone a Birthday cake.

24.  Travel to a new country.

25.  Bake cookies and share them at work, with friends or a neighbour.

26.  Pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal.

27.  Shop locally for unique gifts or handcrafted products.

28.  Have a picnic with family or friends at a local lake or park.

You made it through the first few ideas.

These may have given you some ideas of your own.  As we complete this list of 57 new things to do this year, our hope is that you add more that are suited to your personal lifestyle.  Let’s look at the rest of the suggestions to try.

29.  Host a board game night at your home with friends and family.

30.  Plant some flowers.

Hydrangea flowers.
Hydrangea flowers.

31.  Attend a food or wine tasting festival.

32.  Try a new water-based activity like: surfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding.

33.  Go to your local farmers market.

34.  Travel to a new place in the country you currently live.

35.  Have a bonfire on the beach.

36.  Plant a tree.

37.  Go on a zip line.

38.  Watch a sunrise or sunset. Enjoy it with a friend.

57 New Things To Do This Year!
Watching a sunset.

39.  Walk on a suspension bridge, this may require travel to a new place.

40.  Make a snowman or sand sculpture.

41.  Attend a live music event.

42.  Catch a ferry.

43.  Exercise 20min, 3 times per week for a month.

44.  Create something handmade. Maybe it’s a new recipe, or wood-working project.

45.  Make a heirloom quilt from old clothes or jeans.

46.  Go to a dinner theatre performance.

47.  Re-watch a favorite TV series from a few years ago. It will be like watching a new series again. We are currently re-watching Psyche and are already on season 7.

48.  Learn to surf or sail.

49.  Try a new restaurant.

57 New Things To Do This Year!
Visiting a cafe.

50.  Enjoy High Tea at a local restaurant.

51.  Watch a movie at the cinema.

52.  Try a new wine, or beverage you’ve never tried before.

53.  Go on a hike to a destination new to you.

54.  Go camping in a new place.

55.  Relax in a hammock.

56.  Go berry picking.

57.  Go on a flight tour of your city.

Our list is complete!

Now go visit a new place or do something you’ve never done before.  This small list of 57 new things to do this year is just a start and is a reminder to seize the day and live life to the fullest possible.


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