6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

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6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)


Surveys are so important to what we do as content producers.  Have you been looking for the top WordPress survey plugin for your content creation and web presence?  Surveys are so valuable.  One example, surveys allow you to collect feedback from users and followers; with feedback, you can improve the user experience and your business as a whole.  In this article, you will find that we have compared the top WordPress survey plugins available.

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

WordPress Survey Plugin Qualities.

To collect user feedback on your website you do have a variety of options.  For example, you can add a contact form, ask users to leave comments, create polls, and more.

These options are simple and the answers one receives from them may not provide the specifics you are looking for.  A survey however, is more involved and offers specific information.

Tip 1: For creating a survey: make it engaging, fun, and easy to facilitate maximum user engagement.

Tip 2: Your WP survey plugin should be one that creates an attractive form, and one that is easy to use.

Tip 3: Look for quality survey reports which will store your information, are easy to read, and easy to export.  Look for one which allows you to use it in a spreadsheet or a CRM software.

Tip 4: How will you present the results to your users and tribe?  Consider a survey plugin which supports embedding the results in an attractive and easy to navigate format right on your WP website.  Those who took the time to participate in your survey want to interact further with the results so look for a plugin which will embed well, look good and be easy to use.  Perhaps you are presenting the results not just to users but investors or stakeholders.  We believe you will find a survey plugin listed below which will help you to present a professional report from the results of the survey.

Here we go, have a look at 6 Best Survey Software (Compared).  You will also see how they handle all these features we just mentioned.

1. WPForms

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

At 5AM Podcast we trust WPForms.  We do believe they provide the best WordPress contact form plug-in on the market.  Here is why: their contact form combined with a powerful surveys and polls addon will allow your team to efficiently create effective and engaging survey forms.

As we all know, WordPress makes the use of plugins easy and effortless.  Content producers such as yourself can easily combine the surveys and polls addon with other powerful WPForms.

Here are features these products can connect with:

  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms.
  • Custom notifications.
  • Email integration.

WPForms has done their work to make our surveys easier.  WPForms will enable you to add any form field to your survey with a simple click of a button.  This includes the following:

  • Text field.
  • Checkboxes.
  • Radio buttons.
  • Ratings.
  • Likert scale (a psychometric scale commonly involved in research that employs questionnaires, like a satisfaction scale.)
  • NPS score field.

I must say one major plus for WPForms surveys is the reporting section.  WPForms automatically creates attractive reports complete with graphs and charts all based on your survey responses.  WPForms provides you the ability to show survey results on any WordPress page with a shortcode.  You can even redirect your users to the results page after they fill out the survey.  One thing that is I believe is specific to WPForms is their feature which allows you to enable survey reports for any of your existing forms as well.

Here is a great feature if you have to use your survey results for a presentation for managers or investors.  WPForms provides the ability to export attractive survey graphs as images which you can share on social media or use them in your business presentations (Powerpoint or Keynote).  They do make this really easy.  Here is something else, you can also print the reports to include in your presentations, proposals or pitches.

One thing you must check out, WPForms has something called conversational forms mode.  This helpful feature boosts form completion by making the interaction have a human touch.

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

Let’s talk money: WPForms provides the professional level features of Survey Monkey and Typeform but at an affordable price for content producers and small businesses.  Is it any wonder now why it is used by over 3 million website owners.

Want to know more?  Check out this link for detailed instructions: how to create a survey in WordPress with attractive and effective reports.

2. Formidable Forms

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

This is a popular and powerful plugin: Formidable Forms.  This plugin is an advanced WordPress form plugin which also provides comprehensive survey and poll features.

Formidable Forms put this together so you can use their form builder to create a wide variety of forms – including surveys.  This plugin arrives with all the common field types that you’d expect from the popular survey plugins.

But wait, there is more… over 300,000 website owners have opted in and use Formidable for building forms.  The solutions they provide are extensive.

For example:

  • Reports, Graphs, Charts.
  • User Summary.
  • Multi-page polls with progress bar.
  • Responsive WordPress Polls.
  • Visual Poll Styler.
  • Conditional Logic Trees.
  • Survey Template.

3. CrowdSignal (formerly Polldaddy)


Next on the list, CrowdSignal – famously known as Polldaddy.  I must tell you CrowdSignal is not a contact form plugin and honestly this will not be suitable for purposes outside of polls and surveys.

CrowdSignal is a free plugin, however you’ll need an API Key and you need a WordPress.com account to get that key.  While there is a free version keep in mind that there are limits in terms of features.  In addition, the free version adds their branding logo to your survey form.

Another thought to consider about CrowdSignal – this plugin is easy to use with their drag and drop tools.  The drag and drop option is nice to have and does make the creation of your survey and polls a snap.  CrowdSignal does give you features which we like.  For example, one can change the following really easily:

  • Survey Sharing Settings.
  • Results Sharing.
  • Styling options for each survey you create.

This plugin also includes captcha to block spam and even some basic IP filtering to prevent multiple responses (very important).

4. Gravity Forms

One of the oldest WordPress form plugins is Gravity Forms.  This plugin comes with popular addons including the ability to create surveys. Yes, it is easy to use, and you have options to develop any kind of form using the form builder with all the “usual suspects” of form fields including a survey field.

Now keep in mind, the survey results from Gravity Forms can only be viewed inside the admin area.  As a result, there are no charts / graphs available for export.  What can be done is the ability to export survey results as a CSV file – then one can display the results on their website using a WordPress tables plugin.

Please keep in mind that with Gravity Forms one will need at least the Elite plan to access the survey add-on.

5. Quiz and Survey Master

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

This one is self-descriptive.  Our number 5 is Quiz and Survey Master.  This plugin is designed to help you add quizzes and surveys to your WordPress site.  I like the ability to include quizzes and surveys but a deal breaker for me can be the look of the survey and the output reports.  That being said, our number 5 doesn’t have the prettiest or friendliest user interface, however, looks aren’t everything, this one has a reputation and comes with many useful features.

Quiz and Survey Monster base option is a free plug-in which allows you to create surveys with all common form fields, plus you can even create longer, multi-page surveys.  Need something for short attention spans?  With this addon one can also use it to add quizzes in WordPress with the following features:

  • Interactive Answers.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Scoring.

This plugin has the ability to send emails after completion of the survey as a way to thank users and even redirect them to a page of your choice on your WordPress website.  Now, one final consideration: if you need this plugin to report and analyze the results, you will need to separately purchase a premium add-on.

6. WP-Polls

6 Best Survey Software (Compared)

Have you checked out WP-Polls?  To be honest, if you are looking for a simple, yet effective poll solution for your users definitely consider WP-Polls.  It is an easy free option.  Now keep in mind that unlike the other plugins listed above, WP-Polls does not provide a form builder.  One other thing with WP-Polls, creators can only use radio buttons or checkboxes to collect responses, honestly this makes WP-Polls rather limited.

Here is something you may like: poll results are automatically shown to users after they cast their vote.  WP-Polls does save user responses in the logs and this is where the content creator sees how registered users voted.  Now for non-registered users, this will take a bit of work on your part.  With WP-Polls you can see IP addresses in order to filter out any duplicate votes.

Well that is it.  6 options for your poll and survey needs.  We truly hope this article will help you find your best choice for a WordPress survey plugin for your website.  Before you go, you may appreciate WPForms’ guide on how to track user engagement in WordPress using Google Analytics.  This is a helpful article.