6 Foundational Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

6 Foundational Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

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Achieving great things in life isn’t always simple and easy.  Therefore, it’s important to set goals, to identify a clear direction of where you want to go.  This will help you to dream big and see improvements and growth along the way.  Here are 6 steps to achieve your dreams, set goals and accomplish what you desire in life.

1. Dream

6 Foundational Steps to Achieve Your Dreams
Dreaming of sailing.

Everything begins first with a thought.  I have learned that anything you put your mind to is truly possible.  Determination, hard work and strategic planning, can help you accomplish more than you could have ever imagined.  Don’t be discouraged by your own negative thinking or the negative talk around you.  Take time to allow yourself to dream of the possibilities available for you, your family and friends.  If you have put any dreams on hold maybe now is the right time to pursue that dream again.  Seize the opportunity to dream again!

2.  Believe

It’s important to dream big, but it can be overwhelming when we set large goals. A simple place to start is to separate your big goals into smaller individual ones making them easier to tackle.  Set up achievable phases, that are more manageable and will keep you moving ahead.  For instance, if you want to learn how to play the violin, start with a goal of learning the musical notes on the instrument, then learn to play an entire song on that same instrument.  Acknowledge and celebrate each achievement along the way.  When you finish these small goals, you will begin to believe what is possible.  All of a sudden you have become motivated and excited about working to reach those new goals.

3.  Visualize

6 Foundational Steps to Achieve Your Dreams
Vision Board.

Great achievers have a consistent routine of picturing themselves where they want to be and what they want to do.  We naturally think in pictures and not in words.  As a result, when you think of the car or house you want your mind remembers the picture or image of it.  To accomplish his or her goal, a PGA golfer will visualize the ball going straight down the fairway to its target area.  Keynote speakers will picture themselves speaking with confidence and flair to their audience.  Observe what inspires you.  Place images on a bulletin or note board representing your goals and dreams.  This trains and motivates our mind and body to visualize your goals and dreams and to then take the steps to complete them.

4.  Get Support

It’s critical to encircle yourself with those who are supportive and like-minded.  Ask friends and family, or better yet a mentor that can support you as you move forward.  The greater the positive influences you have around you the better.  Finding and connecting with those who have already achieved what you want can help guide you through the process.  It can also serve to help you become more accountable, enlist a friend or family member who will also cause you to be accountable.  The right support can make all the difference and it will spur you on to achieving what you want in life.

5.  Plan

This is one of the foundational 6 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams.  Your goals must take the form of a plan.  An important step is writing down your goals on a piece of paper.  Regularly update your action plan for reaching the goals and dreams.  Think through all the details. Break it down into small, workable parts and do something small each day.  Finally, set a deadline for accomplishing each task.  Taking small steps consistently over time will eventually lead you to reaching your goals.

6.  Celebrate

6 Foundational Steps to Achieve Your Dreams
Let’s Celebrate!

Reward yourself when you have reached your goal and are living your dream. In general, the bigger the dream, the more difficult it can be to reach.  You may face obstacles, or not reach your goal in the first try.  All successful people have failed on multiple occasions in life.  Walter Brunell, states; “Failure is the tuition you pay for success”.   The important thing is to keep going and moving forward.  You can achieve anything you want in life.  So decide to learn from your mistakes, believe in yourself and celebrate the victories and achievements.  Again, make sure to give yourself a monumental reward when you achieve your goal.


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