7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex

7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex

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When people think of the stock market, they usually only think of equities and options.  Many people today speak of Forex, which means foreign exchange markets.  This also has a lot of opportunity to make money.  This article, 7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex will give you some tips on how to make money with forex and what steps must be taken to make sure you succeed.

1.  To do well in forex trading, automate your trading as much as you possibly can.

Emotional trades are painful, losing trades.  Automating your trades minimizes the role of emotions in the trading process.  This does not mean that you should utilize a forex robot, but that you should make sure your responses to events in the market follow a studied pattern.  When trading in foreign currencies, it’s important to watch the news factors that affect changes in that currency.  News that indicates a positive trend in that country, such as a favorable trade agreement, will increase the trading power of that currency, while news that indicates negative trends, such as a natural disaster, will reduce its trading power.

2.  Using a betting firm to trade on the Forex market is becoming increasingly popular with traders.

7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex
Forex Trading.

However, before you jump on the bandwagon, you should be aware that this method has its shortcomings.  Primarily, if you consistently win money from your chosen bookmaker, the company will begin to decrease the amount you can bet and may even close your account.  A safer “bet,” It is to stick with a Forex broker or a spread betting firm, especially if you depend on your market earnings for a living.

A much easier and less complicated way to reap the benefits of forex market trading is to become part of a trading group.

3.  It is recommended that you keep at least $500 in your forex trading account, even if your broker requires a lower minimum amount.

Most forex trading is heavily leveraged, meaning that you are investing more money that you actually have.  If you use leverage to make a trade and it does not pan out, you will be responsible for the full value of the trade, including the leveraged amount.

4.  Think about forex trading in terms of probabilities.

Nothing in investing is ever a certainty.  Sometimes, you will lose, even if you did all of the right things.  That doesn’t mean you made a bad trade, it just means that the probabilities turned against you.  Thinking in terms of probabilities will help you focus on the realities of the situation.

5.  Once you see that a position is losing, do not add any more money to it.

Short-term predictions are often the only ones you will be able to make accurately.  Thus, you should make decisions based on what you see in the moment.  Adding to a losing position is generally too great a risk.  Pick a time horizon to trade in and stick to it.  The trading style of a short, middle and long term investor vary wildly.  If you are trading on the long term, you can’t jump just because you see bad news coming out.  If you are on the short term, you’ll want to react immediately.

6.  Forex makes a demo that should be used before doing the real thing.

This will give you the practice and experience that you need so that you can make money when trading instead of losing your hard-earned savings.  Most people fail at trading simply because they do not have the knowledge needed to succeed, so to overcome this, just practice first.  Be careful when you are taking other people’s advice on trading.  You must really be able to trust the people you are talking to.  There are many people who think they know what they are doing, but really luck has just been on their side, and as soon as times get hard, they lose everything.

7.  A solid tip for the beginning Forex trader out there, never leverage yourself beyond 10:1.  Around 7:1 is ideal.

7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex

Anything beyond this is just too much of a risk for you to assume.  A good strategy to have when trading in the foreign exchange market is to have two accounts.  One demo account and one real account.  You should use proven strategies on your real account and experiment on new ways with your demo account.  In the foreign exchange market, learning does not stop.

One pitfall every Forex trader should stay away from is improvisation.

Never make a trade on a whim or gut feeling as this can greatly disrupt any trading strategy you may have.  Leave your emotions and ego at the door and strive to make controlled, well thought out trades every time.

Decide how much money you want to trade and stick to it.   When you sign up with a Forex broker, choose a set amount of money you are willing to risk.  If you are just starting out, be prepared to lose all of it as part of the cost of your Forex training and battle scars, and make sure it’s money you can afford to lose.  Do your homework when choosing a Forex broker, not all are legit.  Make sure any broker you deal with is registered by the National Futures Association (NFA).  And if dealing with a broker in the Bahamas or offshore, beware, none are NFA registered.  The most fraud related to Forex comes from outside the U.S, South California, Boca Raton, Florida, and Russia.  Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Everything you need to get started with forex is presented in NFA’s Forex Online Learning Program.  This program is free and allows you to learn at your own rhythm.  You should go over the program once and go back to the material later if you need clarification on one point.

These 7 Successful Strategies to Profit from Forex that you have read about may seem on the hard side, but it will be worth it.  Take the time to really gain a large understanding of the market and make sure you take the time to practice, as much as you possibly can.  Gain all the knowledge you need before making any large decisions.


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