7 Tips for OptinMonster Mobile Marketing

7 Tips for OptinMonster Mobile Marketing

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7 Tips for OptinMonster Mobile Marketing

Humans crave connections.  Coffee too, but those connections are so valuable.  There are more mobile devices than there are people across the earth.  It is estimated that there will be 11 billion mobile devices in use.  People love to be connected, people want to be connected.  Better yet, your customers and their friends want to be connected via mobile devices.  We appreciate what OptinMonster can do for us as Content creators so we put together 7 tips for OptinMonster mobile marketing which can get you monster results.


OptinMonster Mobile Marketing
OptinMonster Mobile Marketing


In our opinion, OptinMonster is committed to providing the best client engagement available.  They do what they do to help you grow your business, reach your goals, and punch above your weight class.  There are no spammy lead generators here, only professional and attractive solutions.


Targeted Promotions

Today we are talking about targeting promotions specifically to mobile device users.  Using the mobile marketing features OptinMonster offers translates to engaging 80% of your consumers.  This is a gold mine type situation here.  The huge majority of visitors are using mobile devices and OptinMonster provides what you need to grab the attention of smartphone and tablet users with its “Mobile-Friendly” Popups.  These are specially designed to perform well across all mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones, iPads.

OptinMonster provides a great option with device targeting.  There is a device targeting rule in the campaign builder, simply use the Display Rules tab and then navigate down to Visitor’s Device and select “is, or is not” then choose Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.  Using this enables you to target users on specific devices.  You can convert a mobile only campaign to a standard campaign when the time comes to show it on other devices.


Well-Designed Mobile Popups

One reason we design ads for mobile only is we want the load speed.  We don’t want to annoy our visitors with a slow load, or a non-responsive, or a form that is hard to read.  Ease of use here is key for our consumers.  With OptinMonster we are able to create well designed and attractive campaigns.  We all want a great user experience and we get to provide that with OptinMonster.


7 Tips for OptinMonster Mobile Marketing


So far, we have seen that with OptinMonster we can easily create mobile pop-up campaigns which are targeted, fast, and attractive.  The goal is twofold: provide a great user experience and receive more conversions.


Drag and Drop

OptinMonster’s mobile popups are well designed and easy for us to plan, and put them together in the way which works best for us.  As we all know, popups can annoy users if they’re not well designed.  OptinMonster’s mobile popups are attractive and benefit the user with fast load capability.  Their template library includes well-crafted mobile templates that are proven to acquire maximum conversions.


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Here are 4 of very valuable features we get from OptinMonster:

  1. Exit-Intent®
  2. Floating Bars
  3. Smart Triggers
  4. MonsterLinks


Exit-Intent® Popups on Mobile Devices

The Exit-Intent® technology provided by OptinMonster is one of their very best tools.  With this powerful tool you can show popups on the mobile devices of users who are considering leaving your site who have not made a purchase or left their information with you.  Your users trigger OptinMonster’s mobile Exit-Intent® in 2 ways:

  1. Scroll up on their mobile screen.
  2. Hit the back button on their mobile browser.

Without a doubt, Exit-Intent® is the last opportunity you may have to show mobile users a targeted marketing message just before they switch to another site – possibly gone forever!


Floating Bars

With OptinMonster these floating bars are completely optimized for mobile devices.  This is all about engaging mobile users.  This feature can be set up to even use the pre-set device specific rules to create targeted floating bars just for mobile users.  We know that you have to deliver a good user experience if you want to be successful in your conversion optimization efforts.  Floating bars help with this.

Smart Triggers

The zero second aggressive popups are truly annoying.  I encountered one yesterday while trying to read a news article.  Talk about an unprofitable experience for me and the for the site.  OptinMonster wants you to be successful which is why they offer smart triggers.  Here are some great ways to use their triggers:

  1. Scroll Based Trigger– Show the popup or full screen overlay only when the user has scrolled 80% of the page. Remember Google’s goal is to make sure the visitor sees the content that they were promised in search results (RIGHT AWAY) without scrolling or anything blocking their view. With the scroll trigger, you are showing them the popup after they’re done reading the content.
  2. Referrer Detection– Show the mobile popup or full screen overlay based on the referring site.
  3. Second Page View– Show the mobile popup or full screen overlay only when the user has viewed more than one page. This helps your conversion rates as a person who views more than one page shows they are interested in what you are offering.


7 Tips for OptinMonster Mobile Marketing

Use MonsterLinks™

MonsterLinks™ is a very valuable feature.  This feature works with a trigger and is very valuable.  This feature is triggered by the user when they click an image or button.  MonsterLinks™ are a 2-step “optin” meaning this feature requires users to click.  It is highly recommended that you use MonsterLinks™ with content upgrades.  You will find these work on both desktop and mobile devices.  OptinMonster believes in the value of MonsterLinks™ and estimates users could see 5X higher conversions.


The Wrap Up

The value of creating great mobile “optins” for your consumers is evident with the options from OptinMonster.  We believe these 7 tips for OptinMonster mobile marketing will show you how to get the highest conversion rates.  It is a fact that every year, more consumers are becoming online consumers.  These consumers use their mobile devices to visit their favorite online destinations.  Right now, with this limited time offer where you can receive up to 60% off is the perfect time for you to begin to optimize your opt in campaigns for mobile devices and tablets too.  With OptinMonster your company, regardless of size can generate mobile popups which portray a grand professional image.  The popups you can design and implement will be attractive, fast loading and timely.  The exit-intent alone will be a huge benefit to you and your company.

– But there is more.

Don’t forget OptinMonster solves the problem of form triggers so that your popups are shown to your audience at just the right time.  OptinMonster provides the right device, the right timing and the right look.  We believe that with all these features, combined with the time sensitive sale, this really is the perfect combination of features and costs to propel your company into a profitable 2021.