7 Top Books for Investing Success

7 Top Books for Investing Success

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7 Top Books for Investing Success

I have always been attracted to investing in Stocks and Bonds, but mostly stocks.  The sense of adventure in finding that diamond in the rough.  The positive rates of return and those dividends, what fun.  I’ve made some mistakes and had some great wins over the years.  But I must say the books and the information I have consumed over the years have made all the difference.  That reading and growing has made all the difference.  This is why we wanted to put a list together of our 7 top books for investing success.

7 Top books for investing success.
A women reading a book.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” – Proverbs 4:7

Here we go with our list, may it be a blessing to you and your home – bringing a wealth of wisdom, insight and profits.

1. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Edwin Lefevre

Reminiscences a Stock Operator – Author: Edwin Lefevre


Edwin Lefevre published this book in the early 1920s yet its take on the investor mindset, principles of investing, crowd psychology and market timing is still true and timely to this day.  While being very informative, this book is based on personal experience and it easily educates the reader in very effective way.  This book is always my number 1 recommendation to anyone wanting to begin investing in the Stock Market. It truly is timeless and will enrich not only your portfolio, but also your life.

2. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

A The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed. – Author: Benjamin Graham


Tips for investing success.
Tips for investing success.

Another older book, written in 1949, that is so informative and valuable to the investor.  Benjamin Graham’s “value investing” presents a philosophy which teaches one to develop a long term strategy and helps to protect investors from error.  One could think of this as setting investment goals and working that plan to completion.  Not getting off track into the weeds, but charting a course and maintaining direction and NOT being distracted by those who want to make their junk your junk.

Jesus said in the Holy Bible: “Wisdom is proved right by her actions…” when one observes market developments and uses the strategy and wisdom of Graham’s philosophies we have a great understanding of the requirements for long term growth of our stock portfolios.  Its not like spaghetti on a wall, it is more like spaghetti in your bowl, with the sauce and good friends for conversation and pleasure.

We believe, if you study this book and apply its principles, this book will help you reach your financial goals.

3. Master the Money Game – Tony Robbins

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom –  Author: Tony Robbins


My first live interaction with Tony Robbins was as a cameraman for one of his Power to Win events.  He has built a life of training and equipping people to excel and succeed at life.  He has not committed this without true intellect and educating himself in the first place.  One can read the testimonials to see how he has affected the lives of so many who needed the hand up.  There are no hand outs here but knowledge and application and that is exactly what this book provides to the reader.


One section I appreciated the most is Section 6 – the Billionaires Playbook.  We may not have their bank balance but we can can learn from the likes of Warren Buffett, T. Boone Pickens, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and several more.  These individuals faced obstacles just as we do.  We can learn from their examples, ask God the Father for guidance and illumination of our path.


We would encourage you to get this book: take control of your financial decisions and set up a savings and investing plan.  One other thing: don’t get into believing the myths about what it takes to save and invest, as Mr. Robbins discusses in this book the financial game is not only winnable but it is possible to provide financial freedom for the rest of your life.


Getting the wisdom and understanding will move you far ahead of the unwise.  Keep reading for more of our 7 Top Books for Investing Success.  This list is here for you.  If you need helpful tips for networking at an upcoming business event click this link for some helpful information to make that event a success for you and your business.

4. How to Trade in Stocks – Jesse Livermore

How to Trade in Stocks – Author: Jesse Livermore


7 Top Books for Investing success.
Wall street.

“Wall Street never changes,
the pockets change, the stocks change,
but Wall Street never changes,
because human nature never changes”
– Jesse Livermore


Jesse Livermore towers over all other stock traders.  He was an individualist.  He was the most successful stock trader to date. This book is packed with extremely helpful autobiographical and historical details.  These parts set the table for an absolute feast of stock investment insight.  In the book you will find a step by step guide to reading the market, timing of the market, analyzing leading sectors, money management, and our personal psychological tool for emotional control.  One ought never to accept the ups without the downs.


In this new edition Livermore expert, Richard Smitten expertly illuminates Jesse Livermore’s philosophy and methods.  The content provides special information gleaned from private papers and interviews with Livermore’s family members.  Consequently, this research enables the author to provide priceless insights into Livermore’s trading formula.  Another great feature is that Smitten provides tips on how to combine this information with contemporary charting techniques.  The Livermore Market Key, is included and this is a major bonus as it was the first, and still is one of the most accurate methods of tracking and recording market patterns.  This book is another must have.

5. Purple Chips – John Schwinghamer

This book turned on some lights for me personally in my own stock trading.  Purple Chips author John Schwinghamer is no stranger to investing and is a successful Portfolio Manager at a major financial institution.  This book presents a particular and proven stock-picking method based on identifying great companies based on simple visual examinations of financial health, applying three basic criteria to distinguish high-performing purple chip stocks from mere blue chip investments.

Purple Chips gets into the psychology of investing, and shows how the common investor is better suited to achieving small gains often and keeping losses to the occasionally category as opposed to the adverse.  You will find great examples, charts, graphs and provides a simple and effective way to increase and triumph with stocks.

For more information, please visit www.PurpleChips.com.  Lastly, feel free to check out their membership section – while we make money on amazon sales from your purchases through this blog post we make nothing from your membership at PurpleChips.com.

6. Beat the Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing – Larry Bates

Oh those banks…  Those Canadian banks are excellent investment and have sustainable business models.  But we don’t want to join them, we want to beat them.  When our investments are inside the banks’ investment products we lose the money they take in fees.  The author describes how the customers of the banks misplace their trust in the perceived authority of our financial institutions.

This book presents the information to empower investors to invest for their benefit, not the bank’s.  The author saw first hand as an employee how these financial institutions make money even in a downturn through their fees and MERs.  Beat The Bank offers the reader the opportunity to get knowledge and understand how each of us can stop adding to our bank’s bottom line and add the profits to our own.

Buying this book will help you avoid the marketing hype of the streets and study for yourself what makes for a profitable investment portfolio.  In fact, this book encouraged me to stay invested in stocks and avoid increasing my holding in the residential rental market.  This is indeed a great book to have.

7. Stocks for Fun and Profit: Adventures of an Amateur Investor – Herman VanGenderen

7 Top books for investing success.
Investing Money.

Do you visualize taking full control of your financial future by investing online?  You will find this book to be a refreshing read.  Take our word for it, this book will absolutely help to build your investing knowledge base.  Stocks for Fun and Profit outlines the simplicity of investing by yourself, for yourself.  As you will see, not every tip the author provides may be the correct fit for you, but if you are serious about taking the bull by the horns and building your investments this book helps you start small and increase as your knowledge base grows.


This book is straightforward and easy to read, there is no shortage of valuable information and reference material you can go back and refer to.  Finally, as the author says, “Buy quality and hold for the long term.


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