80/20 Rule Working Smarter Not Harder

80/20 Rule Working Smarter Not Harder

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Good morning, time for another blog post.

In this blog post today we plan to enrich your life with some useful information about the 80/20 rule.  It goes by a few other titles and we will get to those in a minute.

Let’s pour a cup of delicious coffee, look out over the ocean and share some positive ideas that will help us both head in the direction of a successful and fruitful outcome.  Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% of the work requires only 20% of the time/effort and the remaining 20% of the work takes 80% of the time and effort.  There is more information below about this concept, but keep in mind that this principle is seen in community groups, economics, and even in your personal work and goal related tasks.  Here is one example:

“If your goal is to learn to sail.  The training to know how to sail will be the 80% of the work, but buying & learning to operate the boat is the vital remaining 20%.”

The 80/20 Rule is known as the Pareto Principle.

We can see that this twenty percent is small but powerful, and therefore vital to our accomplishment of goals.  Back in the mid 1890s there was an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, Vilfredo developed the 80/20 rule theory from his observation of people.  He noticed that individuals seemed to naturally divide into 2 groups.  He categorized people into these two groups: The “Vital Few” (top 20 percent in terms of money and influence), and the “Trivial Many” (The remaining 80% of society).

Don’t believe the lies and misdirection of the mythical and powerful 1%, that really is distracting you and making you feel like success belongs only to bloodlines – that simply isn’t true.  We need to interact with, and observe what the “vital” 20% are up to.  Those in the 20% group are with whom you belong if you are reading this blog post.  Your expertise is like those people who make up this “Vital Few”. In community, they are those we want to learn from and participate in life with. So it is with our skills.

Perry Marshall wrote a great article on the 80/20 Rule in relation to time management here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229813

The 80/20 Rule is visible everywhere, even our customers and our personal habits, check out: http://www.dansilvestre.com/80-20-rule/

We Must Consider Our Strengths.

First, I have seen in my own life that I possessed the need to acquire more wisdom and more understanding.  As a result, I needed the extra effort, but I knew that it wasn’t just brute strength to push through. In the 80/20 rule, the 20% that takes 80% of the time, and effort and knowledge, may require qualities or information you currently do not possess. Do you know what the remaining 20% that keeps you from attaining the completed goal is?  Let’s flip this around…

Richard Koch wrote a book called Living the 80/20 Way”.  In my opinion, this book will show you how to identify the 20% of your effort that will give you the 80% of the results.  This book really does illustrate how to accomplish more with less time and effort.  It’s a smart way to look at the issue. Consider this book as advice on how to legitimately use what you already know and possess to achieve the biggest bang for your buck.  Here is a related book from Richard Koch check it out in the link below.  I will have another book recommendation closer to the end of this article.

The 80/20 Principle and 92 Other Powerful Laws of Nature: The Science of Success

– Author: Richard Koch

And Consider Our Deficiencies…

Or the deficiencies of our opponent.  Years ago I worked with a former Head Coach and he told me that the guys on the team had two basic ways to win.  For instance, they could either out-play their opponent, or exploit the weakness of an opposing player or team.  There is absolutely a way to win and accomplish your chosen task.  There is 20% that you excel at that can get you 80 percent of the way to your goal.  Take note of your abilities, and your responsibilities.  What areas can you dominate? Know the areas where your domination is not as certain.  Maybe you can hire that part out?  If your skill level lacks some lustre, that is okay.  This is part of your journey to success and there is a way through to completion and success.

Hey think of it this way…

On a commercial airline flight we are told that in the event of the loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks fall from the compartment in the ceiling.  They fall into our lap and we place our mask on.  As a result, we are now ready to help others to place their masks.  We can see our strengths are like the people who have the ability and knowledge to place the mask with no problem.  Our weaknesses, or deficiencies, are represented by the second group, those needing assistance to acquire the life sustaining oxygen flow.

Moving forward, with the Pareto Principle in mind we can look for what we take for granted, how we placed that oxygen mask on with ease.  Do not beat yourself up for where you miss the mark instead of saying:

We are Victorious!
We are Victorious!

“Yeah but I nailed it, aced it, and can’t be stopped in this area…”

For example, do you see yourself as an underdog when trying to accomplish that last 20% of your goal? You may be the underdog, however, there is a better way…

Top 20

In conclusion, the 80/20  rule this isn’t about trying to be someone you are not. Whether in people groups or personal skills, this is about a herd mentality for success, and entering into the flow of the top 20 of society or our effort and skill set.  We can consider this top 20 music chart, but instead in our area of expertise. Speaking of music, I have worked with song writers in the past. I was a television producer and we were working  together on a music related series. Give these writers a choice between working with the top twenty, or the bottom 80 of the music industry and who do you think they would choose? Who would you choose to work with?

It is possible to triumph and leave no doubt that you are the victor. You are the accomplisher of your chosen goal.  Above all, we harness our strengths, its like we glue our focus to what we excel at.  Doing this makes our focused skills cause us to achieve more in a shorter period of time.  This provides our ego with a boost, and gives us that breath of fresh oxygen, or wind in our sails, which accelerates us to completing our goal.

Now I promised one more book recommendation.  With this particular one, I believe it will help you hone your skills, and set you apart from the trivial many.  Jay Acunzo has written “Break the Wheel”.  Check it out, I think it will motivate and encourage you, and ultimately help us all implement the 80/20 rule so we can nail it, and ace it, when it comes to completing our objectives and goals.

Thank you for reading, Rise and Shine…

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