9 Helpful Attributes for Success

9 Helpful Attributes for Success

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9 Helpful Attributes for Success.  As you consider what the new you will look like, remember:

“Your success started in your mind, not on January 1.”

As we examine the following characteristics that will be a benefit you this year, let’s remember it starts with taking your first step.  The consistency and persistence will lead to positive habits being formed.

9 Helpful Attributes for Success:

1.  Keep the Main Thing the Priority.

Avoid the distractions this year.  This is number 1 on our list because everything that follows hinges on it.

9 Attributes for Success in 2020

2.  Be Persistent.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.  Don’t give into distractions either.  You may be working for someone else right now, see this as your stepping stone to get where you see yourself in the coming year.

3.  Be Disciplined.

Stick with your goals and stick to your guns.  Know where you want to be, know what you need from your next project to get you farther along the path to your goals.  Don’t be afraid to say no to someone or something if you believe that opportunity distracts you from your goals and purpose.



9 Attributes for Success in 2020


4.  Be Thankful.

Remember where you have been is part of where you are going.  You have built on the foundation of the past and are moving forward.  Currently, you are succeeding.  You have much to be thankful for – think of one thing every morning you appreciate and give thanks to your Creator.


5.  Forgive Others.

Release those who have hurt you, cheated you, or set you back.  Be thankful they are now out of your life, but don’t rent them room in your mind.  That space is too valuable for them. Forgive them, release them, and live free of grudges.

9 Attributes for Success in 2020
Meeting new people at a coffee shop.

6.  Make New Connections.

Find people you can help and who can help you.  As you move forward this year look for connections that will help build your network or who can help your friends and colleagues.  Making new connections can be a blessing to you and to those you know.  We have a helpful post on making networking work for you.

7.  Increase the Compliments and Decrease the Criticizing.

This has to do with Attribute 4.  Thankfulness leads to compliments and avoids criticizing.  Building up those you are connected to will cause them to bless you and compliment you.  There is a wise old saying:

“Every Seed produces after its own kind…”

8.  Read Everyday.

Here is a link to a list of powerful books that can help change the way we think and act.  Books and the ideas contained therein provide us with new knowledge and ideas that can spark our creativity or even get us the ideas we need to move forward and out of a rut.  Here is a link to our 13 Sparks for the engine of your life.

9.  Develop Your Faith.

Enhance the good and release the bad.  The Book of Proverbs is found within the Holy Bible and has a chapter for each day of the month.  It is a great way to get wisdom concepts into your mind and your daily routine.

In Conclusion:

These 9 Helpful Attributes for Success will have a positive impact on your efforts to reach your goals.  We have a downloadable goals sheet HERE to help you fine tune your plan to power and growth.  Seize your days, control your ways and achieve your dreams with these 9 helpful tips.


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