Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success

Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success

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Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success


Have you ever wondered and asked the question what are the best ways for blog writing?  In this article we discuss the Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success.  We will examine these 7 tips to help your blog writing.  Writing a blog has great value for B2B and B2C as 77% of web users read blogs.  According to Hubspot 90% of B2B and 70% of B2C businesses are using content to promote brand awareness, increase ROI, and build authority in their industry.  This number has more than doubled in the last 12 years.  People are reading blogs and they are always looking for new content to consume.  With Blog and Social Media content it really is a “Build it and they will come…” type scenario.


Avoid publishing one article under multiple URLs on your site.  This can diminish your site’s value quickly because Google often looks at the quality and number of links when deciding where a page will be ranked.  Referencing a piece with several tags is fine as long as they all end up pointing to the same URL.


Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success
Positive reviews.

1.  Keep the Reviews Legitimate

Don’t fake it!  If you are going to write a review of a product, test it first.  Readers will be able to tell you are lying and if they can’t, they will certainly know when their experiences are nothing like yours.  If you are dishonest, you will lose the customers you worked so hard to gain.


2.  Write to Fit your Niche

The next important tip you should follow is to think about your websites content.  Your content should always match your goals.  Make sure your content is original and unique, as plagiarized and unoriginal content is heavily unadvised.  The content of your site should stay in your visitors mind and make them want to come back.


3.  Keep it Original

When publishing articles on multiple directories as an Internet Marketer, there are two solid rules you should live by.  One, never publish the same article twice. Always be sure to change things up and to give a new, fresh angle on the topic.  Two, save your links for your author bio so your article doesn’t read as spam.  In order to have success when marketing an article you must be unique in your marketing approach.  People do not want to see the same article written five different ways.  Repetitive and regurgitated material does not engage the reader.  Creating new and interesting material that is written in a clear and concise manner is the best way to market an article.


4.  Article Length

Most articles on the web average 2200 words.  You should lead off with your main point, so that readers will at least get the basics.  Please remember AIDA when writing your article AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.  This technique helps to naturally engage the reader and helps the writer build a reputation as an authoritative, and trustworthy content creator.  You want to have longer, top-quality articles, read by real people who come back time and again to see what new content you have created.  Articles that will appear on your blog, your website, or at high-profile aggregation sites, should be crafted with the reader and style in mind.  Take extra care to craft an article that engages the reader and is easy to read.

According to HubSpot it is recommended that the ideal blog post length be 2,100-2,400 words.  From our research, we have found that Individual blog post lengths ranged between 300 to 5,600 words, with an average of 2,200 words.


Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success
Create quality content.

5.  Spend for Quality

If you’re outsourcing your work in article creation, you will inevitably find that spending the extra money for quality is in your best interest.  Readers want high-quality articles, so if that costs you a little extra, it will pay off tenfold in the long run.  Since you want to be sure that your articles are well written, if you are not a good writer, you might want to look into hiring someone who could write articles for you.  You need to have articles that are witty and yet informative in order to help keep your readers attention and a professional writer would be able to do this for you.


6.  Create a Plan and Work Your Plan

When you begin writing to set up an article marketing plan, the blank white page can look very scary.  Filling up all the white space is not your goal, though; white space is your friend.  Your articles should have short paragraphs and be broken up by lists or other alternative formats.  A varied article with lots of white space is easier on your readers than a dense block of text.


Best 7 Keys for Blog Writing Success
Evaluate your steps and plan.

7.  Keywords

One of the most important aspects of article marketing is the use of keywords and key phrases.  They are important because while you can write an incredibly amazing article about a particular subject, if you do not sufficiently incorporate keywords and key phrases, the article will not show up on search results.  To do this properly, before writing the article, first select the keywords and key phrases that you will use.  Afterwards, write the article and remember to include the keywords and key phrases several times in a natural way.  Overuse of keywords is not a good idea.  Both search engines and readers will reject your article if it includes a particular keyword over five times   Avoid using the keyword more than 5 times for best results.


The Wrap-up

We trust this information discussing the 7 tips to help your blog writing has been beneficial.

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