Best Form Builder For WordPress

Best Form Builder For WordPress

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Best Form Builder For WordPress

Contact forms are so important but as many know building contact forms can be complicated as forms can be bloated and have issues with bugs.  It’s true, the wrong form builder can be frustrating, time consuming and just plain exhausting.  Here is why we at 5AM Podcast did a bit of investigation and present to you our opinion of the best form builder for WordPress to date.


Here is what we like about WPForms:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Drag and drop building
  • Hundreds of Templates
  • Protects from spammers and hackers
  • Protect your contact information
  • Saves you time
  • Integrate additional related features
  • Stripe integration


Building your forms with WPForms is easy and convenient because of the drag and drop feature.  Honestly, pretty much any kind of form can be built in minutes – and zero need for you to code anything.  That is great for us content creators who want to build easily and quickly and start getting our content out to the masses.


Easy Form Builder For WordPress


Of course, there is no need to create anything from scratch.  This main plug-in comes with pre-built form templates.  Here are some forms that come bundled together:

  • Blank Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Request a Quote Form
  • Billing and Order Form
  • Newsletter Sign-up Form
  • Polls and Surveys Form


If you require a WordPress form related to a specific industry with WPForms one does not need to build it from nothing.  There is an addon for that called the Form Templates Pack addon.  This lets one choose from an enormous variety of pre-built templates.

Here are a few examples of the available templates:

  • Accident Report
  • Address Book
  • Alumni Donations
  • Auction Items
  • Automobile Information
  • Product Orders


Finding the form you need is easy with a simple search.  WPForms strives to make the required form building easy.  Once you have compiled the form you need, it is simple to publish your forms.

It really is easy, here it is:

Go to the page you want to post to and select the post/page editor where you want to publish your form.  Click the Add Form button which you can find just above the text editor.  A modal popup will now appear asking you to choose the right form.  Select the right form and hit the Add Form button.


We have talked about how easy it is to build forms here are just a few of dozens of integrations with addons.

  • Email marketing
  • Custom Captcha
  • Geolocation
  • Payment Processing
  • Post Submissions
  • Signatures
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Form Abandonment
  • Offline Forms
  • Form Template Packages


WPForms has been developed for websites of all sizes and budgets.  This means that if you have a blog, a non-profit or a growing e-Commerce site there is a price and package option that is right for you and your project.

Here are the four options for prices and features:

  • Elite – Unlimited Sites
  • Pro – Most Popular
  • Plus
  • Basic


When you are getting started with your WordPress Site the plus and basic are very capable for their purposes.



Ultimately, WPForms has been created so content creators can put together the forms they need without having to find a freelancer to develop it for us.  What you can create by yourself is just as easy as it powerful.  In addition, the forms you create are fast and SEO friendly.  Add to this the drag and drop features and the easy integration of valuable tools for email, payments and so many more makes WPForms a slam dunk.  It truly does tick so many important boxes.

Thank you for visiting 5AM Podcast for this investigation of WPForms.  If you are looking for a helpful and versatile form builder we know this one is very helpful and well worth your look and addition to your content creation tool box.  We hope you found our take on the best form builder for WordPress helpful.  If so, please share this article on your social media.

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