Celebrate the Holiday Season!

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Celebrate the Holiday Season!


It’s so important to let the holidays progress on their own.   To each person it may look slightly different and it will result in different ideas that bring people joy.  That’s why we can celebrate that each of us are created uniquely with likes and dislikes and  various things that bring us joy.  Whatever that looks like it is important to celebrate the holiday season!


When does it all start?

How many of you start watching holiday movies in the early autumn months?  The air is cooler, as is the weather.  Maybe you enjoy a cozy cup of hot chocolate or a peppermint mocha and relax watching a movie with the family or simply just for you.


Celebrate the Holiday Season!
Cozy up with a warm beverage.


When do you put up your Christmas tree?

I am sure a lot of you put up your Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.  We wait just a little longer to the beginning of December and it stays up for a bit into January.  That’s our families personal preference of course.  It does have pre-lit lights so it’s nice to enjoy the glow and add the decorations over a few days as the time permits.

Put on some Christmas classic tunes and get the family or some friends involved.  Even our dog likes the Christmas tree and will rest near by or under the tree.


Celebrate the Holiday Season!
Decorate the Christmas tree in the way you wish!


Since in my case both of my parents have past and it’s taken some time to heal and sift through those events each year that hold so much memory and meaning.  In the past the Christmas season was difficult as memories were so fresh and painful.


This year seems different though.  I noticed I am drawn to reusing ornaments used by my Mother and ornaments crafted by my father to decorate our tree.  This year it makes me love and treasure these meaningful keepsakes that have been carefully passed down to me to care for.  Now as I gaze at the sparkling tree it brings joy and peace.


It’s so important you celebrate in the way that’s most meaningful for you, and no one should tell you there’s a better or different way to do that.  Maybe that means creating special new Christmas ornaments made by you and your children or by you and your spouse or a friend.


So folks because we have today that means we have a chance to celebrate.


Celebrate the Holiday Season!
Celebrate with a holiday potluck.


Lets celebrate, whatever or whenever you want.  That means decorate your heart out with Christmas decorations.  Eat the dessert or eat the cake.  Keep your tree up into the new year if you want and change it for each season, Valentines, Easter, thanksgiving, etc.


Do whatever you can that brings you joy during the holiday season and make the most of each opportunity.  Be sure though to celebrate the holiday season!


Merry Christmas to you from all of us at 5AM Podcast!  God bless you all!  Cheers to a wonderful New Year!


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