Creating, Capturing and Preserving Memories
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Creating, Capturing and Preserving Memories

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Creating, capturing and preserving memories, beautiful moments will become tomorrow’s beautiful memories.  Our lives are full of beauty, full of good times and difficult times.  We experience moments of pure bliss and excitement and times of deep sorrow and grief.  These are the moments we want to make the most of and cherish in the future.  So during those times when friends visit, family is in town, a wedding is celebrated or your child, niece or nephew is celebrating their birthday or graduation, etc. — strive to make the most of those moments.  Have fun and enjoy those gatherings, and special events.  It’s also an important time to capture those moments on video and digitally in order to have the chance to reminisce later.

Here are 6 ideas for creating, capturing and preserving memories:

1. Create a guestbook for casual events or occasions.

Weddings and funerals are the normal places for a guest book.  But what if you decided to use a guestbook at a more casual affair.  It’s possible you will create an incredible lasting memory.  Have a theme for the guest book like best memory of the person; funny story; best piece of advice; etc. Why not create a picture book that people can sign. Life brings so many changes, wouldn’t it be amazing to create a book that has a lasting impact for you, a friend or family member.  Personalized gifts with thoughtful loving messages can create beautiful memories you can’t put a price on.  Get some inspiration and ideas for your next guest book here.

2. Make a memory photo book.

I created a memory book as a surprise for my Mother-in-law when she arrived home from a dream trip to Australia and New Zealand.  She had brought her digital camera and since she’s always loved taking photographs she captured several special moments on her trip.  I borrowed her camera and copied all the important images to create an album of her trip using  My favourite picture was her holding a Koala bear.  When we gifted her with the book she was overwhelmed and very grateful.  She now has a special visual memento of her once in a lifetime trip.

3.  Create a one-of-a-kind photo booth.

Add props and a backdrop.  Purpose to capture those images that can be treasured for a lifetime.
  • What you will need:
A basic digital point-and-shoot camera, a tripod that can extend to eye level,  a remote shutter release for the camera (available as a cable attachment or wireless, purchased online or at camera stores) the remote shutter release allows people to take their own photo.  Good lighting is needed.  A spotlight and photography umbrella will diffuse the light and will add a flattering glow to the subjects face.  If you have no lighting equipment, turn on your camera’s flash or place a floor lamp beside the camera facing the backdrop.  If you have an outdoor space, using natural light is always great.
  • Ideas for the backdrop?
A printed fabric backdrop is the most common. Here is the chance to be creative and make your own backdrop.  Make your own with foam board and glue sticks.  Make a pattern or theme.  For a smaller simple backdrop to use for a headshot or a child use a fun colorful piece of wrapping paper.  Attach the paper to the foam board for a more sturdy background.  You can even make your own fabric backdrop and use a tension curtain rod (a tension rod uses tension to stay in place). Tension rods are spring loaded, and they can be adjusted to exactly the right width for your space  They need to be adjusted to create a tight fit, which keeps the rod in place.  Position it in place in a doorway or other suitable place.
Creating, Capturing and Preserving Memories
Photo Book.

4. Preserve and share those priceless digital photos online.

In this digital age we all seem to be busy on our smartphones whether it’s for work or personal reasons. The advancement in smartphone camera technology is extraordinary.  It’s even documented that some photojournalists solely use their iPhone camera for the stories and articles they produce.  So it’s likely your smartphone is also full of photos, documenting a part of your recent activities.
What happens to the photos on your cell phone?

Maybe you post them to Facebook or Instagram or other social media. But after awhile it’s easy to forget the photos you have.  In most cases they’re automatically uploaded to an iCloud account we don’t check, or when the storage gets too full we selectively delete photos from our phones.  A better solution is to set up an online photo storage account and there are many available to choose from.  It’s a good and safe way to share password protected images with friends and family, access them from anywhere at anytime.  This is also an ideal place to back up image and video copies in case of a computer problem or household emergency.

5.  Display your children’s artwork in a special place.

Creating, capturing and preserving memories.
Children’s Art.

Your children will beam with pride seeing their special creations on display.

Here are a few ideas:

1.  Print, copy and resize the artwork to fit suitable frames.

2.  Make a cork board wall or area made from cork tiles;

3.  Attach several clipboards to the wall and use the clips to hold and display the artwork.

4.  Hang children’s art on a string with some mini clothespins. Do this by hammering small nails to the wall and fasten the string to create a hanging line.  Now it’s ready to attach the artwork with the clothes pins.

6. Create a gallery wall in your home 

I really love the emergence of canvas prints.  I appreciate the clean and sleek look of the prints to match most decor. has beautiful options for creating canvas prints for gallery walls, transforming your photos into works of art.

Thanks for reading these simple suggestions to assist you in creating, capturing and preserving memories.


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