Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms

Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms

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Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms.

We all know that subscribers are key to the success of our online content businesses.  As with all businesses, money is part of why we do what we do.  It is a motivating factor in our content production.  Our subscribers want to support our content.  It is a benefit to them, and the recurring add-on is a way to make sure they can benefit us.  Today we are looking at the WPForms add-on Stripe as it’s recurring feature.  Stripe is a powerful and profitable addition, but it gets even better by providing that recurring payment feature. This solves a problem for both you and your supporters.  It is truly a great feature.  Your tribe is already on your site enjoying their time and appreciating your content; now it is easier for your audience to give back to you on a recurring basis.  They can even choose the frequency.  Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms, really is that easy for everyone involved.


Easy of Use.

I am sure we will all agree WPForms makes forms and add-ons easy to use.  Whether it is your payment systems or your submission forms, WPForms knows what content creators need to succeed.  Let’s look at Stripe.  This add-on makes it seriously easy to know where your money is, who has paid, and which payments are single payments and which are recurring. The ease of use and view also extend to the WP Dashboard.  Even switching from WPForms to your Stripe account is seamless.  This even makes your money collection and fund management easy for you.  Not only can you find a payment schedule but it also shows you the customer IDs and the confirmation of payments.

Best Decisions – Most Information.

Let us look at the user submission.  WPForms wants you to have easy access to each form users submit for their Stripe payments.  Keep this in mind, one of your benefits: WPForms’ connection to your stripe account is simple and speedy.  Remember, as stated earlier, once you have your WPForms and Stripe accounts connected, you will see that switching from one to the other is seamless.  One more thing.  WPForms wants your success and as a result they provide you with information to allow you to learn which of your forms are converting the best or worst.  On a side note, WPForms also helps by keeping spammers at bay, you can find that helpful article right here.  That just about wraps this article up but here is a nice little bow to complete the package.  Remember, easy recurring payments with WPForms benefits both you and your customers.  The recurring payment option is worth everyone’s time.  This feature is really the nice red bow on the package.  By enabling this feature on your Stripe account the variety of frequency options is a huge benefit.

“Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or longer this is a huge help to both parties.”

Easy Recurring Payments with WPForms

Each of your customers will have their own file and they will have the option to select or change their frequency.

Here is to your success, blessing, and prosperity.  You work hard for your customers, and we can see that WPForms works hard for us by offering content creators a great tool with the Stripe Recurring add-on.

Seize your days, control your ways and prosper. You can succeed.


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