FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software

FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software

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Want to spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love?  Have you heard about FreshBooks?  It is an accounting software that makes running the financial side of your small business simple and painless.  FreshBooks, is as secure as it is easy to use.  Let’s look at FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software below:
How FreshBooks beats its competition and can be your #1 Online Accounting Software.
FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software
Accounting Software.

Learn more about FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software.

It is true that FreshBooks accounting software is a powerful, easy-to-use tool. One challenge for small business owners and entrepreneurs can be staying current with the tax department.  It can be intimidating – even expensive and overwhelming.  This all changes with FreshBooks.  Self-employed and small business owners alike are realizing the superior benefits FreshBooks has to offer.

Powerful Features Included in All Plans:

  • Customize invoices with your own professional appearance.
  • Create winning and competitive estimates.
  • Get paid faster and provide credit card payment options.
  • Effectively keep track of your billable hours.
  • Import your expenses to automatically track spending.
  • Keep your team on track with project budgets.
  • FreshBooks provides useful dashboards.
  • Insightful and powerful reports about your business.
FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software
Small Business Owner.

Switch to a QuickBooks Alternative Today:

Making the switch from QuickBooks Online today is easy.  Do it today and you will see why freelancers and entrepreneurs alike appreciate the benefits provided by FreshBooks business accounting software. We all want to improve our business and there are already twenty four million users who have done that by switching to FreshBooks.  Just think, no more accounting headaches with this new and ridiculously easy to use QuickBooks alternative.

However, FreshBooks is more than a QuickBooks alternative.  Are you a user of Xero or Wave? You can also benefit from switching to FreshBooks!

For the Small Business Owner it features:

  1. Customer Approved Support System: Friendly assistance and the staff are quick and helpful.
  2. Safe and Secure:  FreshBooks protects your personal information using industry standard SSL and encryption so your business is safe and secure – consistently!
  3. 30-Day Guarantee:  There is no risk to try FreshBooks right now – completely risk-free. You have the freedom to cancel your account within 30 days and FreshBooks will even automatically refund every penny.
  4. Multi-Platforms:  The FreshBooks software is available for any device and either Mac or PC.  So you can use FreshBooks on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet.  It works for you, on your terms, and with your accounting needs in mind.
  5. Your Safety and Security: The security of your private data is topnotch with FreshBooks.  FreshBooks is cloud based and provides top level protection with 256-bit SSL encryption, internet security cannot get better than that.
  6. Get Paid Faster and Easier: Invoice clients on the go as FreshBooks’ iOS and Android apps let you painlessly invoice your clients and track expenses wherever and whenever you need to.  Your clients can now pay you via FreshBooks Payments so you can start accepting credit card payments online right away, no setup required on your part.
  7. FreshBooks Automates: Spend more time focusing on your work and your clients and leave the accounting details to FreshBooks. FreshBooks can automatically generate invoices and send them.  Your expenses are automatically tracked, and your payments can be automatically recorded, FreshBooks automation does this for you – giving you the time you need for your clients and with your family.

FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software:

Here is where Freshbooks has features that QuickBooks does not:

  • Proposals: Present the value that your company provides to prospective clients. The Proposal feature enables you to enhance your estimates with rich text and compelling images. Additionally, Proposals provides you the added benefit of Estimates, this feature allows you to send a description of your products or services to your client for approval before starting the project.  Here you have the best of both worlds.
  • Billable Hours: While QuickBooks online only allows you to track billable hours on higher-priced plans, every FreshBooks plan enables you to track your billable hours. This feature ensures you are charging correctly and not shortchanging yourself and staying competitive.  FreshBooks will take your hours and add them directly to your clients invoice.
  • Expense Tracking: With FreshBooks your expenses are categorized on all plans. At tax time your expenses are ready to go and categorized – making tax filing so much less intense. This is even more value for the user compared to QuickBooks online as they only offer this feature on higher-priced plans.
  • Team Roles: Easily assign roles to your staff with modified levels of permissions and access to your FreshBooks account on all plans. This feature is only available with QuickBooks Online in top tier plans.
  • Simultaneous Users: This is a valuable feature.  Multiple staff members can access your FreshBooks account at the same time. Once again, better value than QuickBooks which limits simultaneous access to between 1 and 5 users depending on pricing plan.
  • Projects: Invite employees, contractors, and clients to collaborate on projects in FreshBooks so you can keep everything in one place. This feature is not available in Quickbooks Online.
  • A Seamless System: FreshBooks provides a seamless accounting experience.

FreshBooks works with you and for you.  Finally, watch the video below for another demonstration of how FreshBooks works:



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