How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase ROI

How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase ROI  

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How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase ROI

Today we are discussing a very profitable combination of tools for your business’ email campaigns.  We all know that email campaigns can bring in a very profitable ROI (Return on Investment).  I don’t know about you but I can tell you from my experience that the better the tools, the better the results.  Of course, the same goes for the quality of all the resources involved.  Today, we want to share with you two very high-quality tools you use for your blog, business, or blogging business that can increase profitability.  Guaranteed, we will show you how emails done in the right way can increase ROI and skyrocket sales.  

Specifically, we will demonstrate how combining ActiveCampaign and WPForms Elite is an easy 1 – 2 punch to knockout your low profitability and maybe also your low open rates – among other things.  Keep reading as we show you how to skyrocket your sales and increase ROI. 

When you purchase WPForms Elite they offer a 14 day 100% money back guarantee!

Keep in mind this combination has a very high user satisfaction rating because it works.  We view this as a premium tool set created to offer premium results.  You will see how these two together will increase deliverability, engagement, and conversion.


How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase ROI
Email campaigns.

Email Campaigns are Profitable

First, we are going to see how profitable the right email campaign can be.  While the numbers and tangible results can very.  Email marketing, when done correctly, can result in greater opening rates, with greater responses and increasing profits.  At 5AM Podcast we want your success.  We want you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.  We do know that the better the tools, the better the outcome of your endeavor will be.  

Your email campaign through ActiveCampaign is not only about creating a list, creating a message and then hitting send.  There is so much more provided in ActiveCampaign.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here let us take a look at how much greater the results can be when compared to other forms of client engagement.  Keep in mind email is very effective and a very efficient way to retain and create clients.  

The details of what is possible with an ActiveCampaign email campaign is truly mind-boggling.  


An effective email marketing campaign can be even more effective than word of mouth.  In all sincerity, there is a massive selection of valuable tools with WPForms Elite – it is well worth the money for the person serious about creating wealth and growing their platform.  However, right now I am only going to focus on the follow up features provided by ActiveCampaign.  


“Fortune is in the follow-up.” – Jim Rohn


Follow-up Helps

Do you want to know where your money is?  There is a famous podcaster who is known to ask “Who’s got my money?”  I can tell you where his money is, it is found in the follow up of his sales staff.  Jim Rohn is correct, fortune is in the follow up.  

Your money is also in the follow up.  ActiveCampaign knows this, and they know that they need to help their users stay profitable so you will be happy with your experience and realize the financial benefits you can have with ActiveCampaign.  

The follow up options available are truly helpful and will maintain your contact with clients and assist with increasing your income.  One benefit I find to be really valuable with ActiveCampaign is their seemingly endless supply of automation recipes.  Here is a link to just 10 Author/Blogger automation recipes. 


Remember to keep your follow-up emails timely, short, helpful and informative.  Let us say you host webinars as an online business.  Here is what ActiveCampaign can do for you to help you with your follow-up.  

  • Send a recap of the webinar to your registrants.
  • Offer a webinar recording to attendees.
  • Request and receive feedback from attendees.
  • Receive questions.
  • Provide notifications of upcoming events. (The Next Steps)
  • Link to landing page with a timely offer or free gift.
  • Call to action: an upsell or a timely offer. (The Value Add) 

The follow-up automation options are really thorough and well thought out.  Remember they are automated with best practices in mind.  This means the small producers can have big time features and results.  Remember the fortune is in the follow-up and ActiveCampaign has the features to help you provide more in a timely fashion and collect more from your clients.  They are going to buy from someone, so they might as well buy from you due to your follow-up.



Now let’s talk about your E-Commerce marketplace.  Of course ActiveCampaign works seamlessly with WPForms Elite and has recipes for Shopify and WooCommerce.  Here is how:

  • Send automated emails for abandoned carts.  Did you know that 75% of e-commerce shopping carts become abandoned?
How to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase ROI
Empty carts.
  • Customer Reminders.  Automated emails can call out to clients who haven’t bought in a while.  Remember, the customers can become clients.  They are going to buy, so it might as well be from your platform.
  • Show and Tell.  You can upload products from your store directly into email campaigns so you can show your clients what they are most likely to purchase.  All automated.  This offers the right product to the right prospect.
  • Rewards to your best customers.  Set spend limits and send your best offers to your best clients. (I love this one.)
  • Help your clients by sending useful tips.
  • Track order fulfillments.

ActiveCampaign syncs alongside with the top e-commerce and retail platforms.  It also integrates with more than 250 apps so you can use almost any marketing tool you need.  I believe ActiveCampaign enables you to create a “shut-up-and-take-my-money” situation for your customers.


Site Tracking

Nobody wants to get lost, I know from experience when we are lost we get distracted and as we don’t know where we are going we are easily pulled in any direction.  The site tracking with ActiveCampaign informs you what products, services, and even the information your contacts are most interested in.  This information is very valuable because it enables you to use this information to engage your prospective customers with exactly what they are looking for.  You can use this in follow-up emails as well.

Know your Best Customers

ActiveCampaign Shows you where your most qualified leads are.  Let us face it, sales can very easily just be hit and miss for some but we need that skyrocketing ROI.  ActiveCampaign Shows you who are ready to buy and where others may be in the purchase decision process.  Their lead scoring enables you to track engagement and discover who to follow-up with.  

This really is like having an ace up your sleeve.  The lead score is a number assigned to customers based on how they interact with your store and what they do each time they visit.  

This means you can know your hottest leads and even begin automations for your most engaged and ready-to-buy contacts.  With this you can be sending these “ready-to-buy” clients automated communications with the information they need along with a great offer for them to use.

Drag and Drop WordPress Forms.

 The Wrap-up

The capabilities available to the online business owner with ActiveCampaign seem almost endless.  This is extremely helpful in increasing your bottom line.  Please keep in mind the efficiency and effectiveness of email engagements.  Remember, that your email campaign can be more effective than word of mouth.  You can achieve your goals and dreams through the efficient use of emails with ActiveCampaign and WPForms Elite.  

As you can see these two products are a holistic solution about how to Skyrocket Your Sales and Increase your ROI.


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