Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists

Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists

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Popular Posts list, the WordPress Secret to Crazy Engagement.

Today we are going to talk about one of MonsterInsights most requested features.  Now this is one very helpful feature.  As we know MonsterInsights enables us to keep track of the number of people who view your posts and pages.  To be specific we are discussing MonsterInsights popular posts list, the WordPress secret to crazy engagement.

The users of MonsterInsights are now able to present their best articles anywhere on their websites.  This powerful feature helps website owners like you and me receive more page views, more engagement and keep visitors on your site longer.  MonsterInsights is here to help bloggers and website owners and they are always looking for innovative and organic ways to help the consumers of our content remain on our pages longer – consuming more of our great content.

There are 3 ways content creators can display popular posts:

1.  Inline Posts Display: Posts within the copy of your content.

Here is a sample of how your Popular Post feature would look as an in-line post.

Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists

2.  Popular Posts Widget: Lists up to 10 articles anywhere on your site like sidebar or post end.

3.  Popular Products: Have an e-Commerce Store?  Use this list to give your popular products higher visibility.

Want this look for your e-Commerce store?

Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists

Now, how do you know which are your popular products?  Well as a content creator using this feature you do not have to select what goes in these posts.  It is set up to do this for you.  Yes, Really.  These are not your mother’s favorite articles.  MonsterInsights uses Google analytics to determine your most popular posts.  With this feature content creators can get Google Analytics to show your top posts to anyone who visits your site.  Popular Posts feature works so easily and seamlessly with MonsterInsights and your WordPress.  Realistically, you will be making your valuable analytics data work for you.  This feature is worth including.


Right now, we will cover how to add your top posts from the last 30 days to your custom list of popular posts – and as mentioned above – this even works for your most popular products.  Honestly, this will enable your readers to stay on your site longer and find other popular posts or products.


Keep this in mind…

  • For this to work one will need the MonsterInsights Pro Plugin.
  • Plus, you need to install and activate the Dimensions Add-on.
  • You can customize the popular posts the way YOU want.


MonsterInsights has created this add-on so that you can use a wide range of options to customize your Popular Posts.  Your choices are numerous, these below are just a few:

  • Themes
  • Colours
  • Font Size
  • Layout Options
  • Label Text etc.


Additionally, MonsterInsights has provided you the option to change these settings while inside your WordPress editor.  Cool hey.  What this means is you have the option to edit your popular post parameters in the WP editor.


Now I mentioned this feature is tied to Google Analytics but you still have the options to choose which posts to show.  One has the option to sort your popular posts based on share count, comments, or choose (curate) post to randomly rotate.


Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists


This feature is really well thought out. You have been given an option to combine automated and curated popular posts.  This means that you have custom dimensions set up on MonsterInsights.  Now the reason for this is that the feature will automatically add the top 5 posts from the past 30 days.


Contextual Insights

It is a fact that MonsterInsights is continuously working to assist content creators to find pertinent information to grow your business.  Now you must consider the Contextual Insights.

This is a very helpful product which has enormous value.  Content creators receive notifications within the plugin.  These notifications will inform you with information about how your website is performing – and even better – receive actionable insights to help amp up your business.

But wait! There is more…

In addition to your website’s statistics, MonsterInsights will work with creators to make optimal use of the presented data.  Need an example?  MonsterInsights will provide notifications showing you the geo-locations of your visitors.  That’s helpful right?

Once you have this valuable location information, you can translate your website into the language of that country.  Plus, you can use this to find new content topics and create personalized marketing messages for your audience providing more traffic and conversions.Monster Engagements with Popular Post Lists

This means Contextual Insights assists you by finding new ways of tracking your visitors and harvesting key information that you currently might be missing.

Here is another example, let us say you have different forms on your site, have you set up conversion tracking?  MonsterInsights can send you notifications to inform you about a feature, why it’s important, and provide you a useful tutorial for getting started with this helpful feature.

We highly recommend this Popular Post List feature from MonsterInsights, feel free to give these new features a try.  Click here to get started with MonsterInsights today!

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