SMART Style Goal Setting Work Sheet

SMART Style Goal Setting Work Sheet

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Click the link below for the SMART Worksheet.

This worksheet is free for the taking so that you have another tool to help you excel at goal setting.  This custom SMART Worksheet from the 5AM Podcast does not have to be used only for a work related project or side hustle.  That is because this sheet will help with any goal setting, or goal accomplishment you are working toward.  Here are a few examples of personal activities that will be aided in their completion by using this worksheet.

  • Losing Weight.
  • Quitting smoking.
  • Saving for a vacation.
  • Winning a sports championship.
  • Teaching goal setting to your children.
  • Saving for a downpayment on a house.
  • Attending that major poker tournament in Las Vegas.
  • Or maybe even… A special purchase like that new BMW diesel 5 Series you have had your eye on.

A Great Resource…

If you are serious about becoming more effective at setting and following through on goals, we have a great book recommendation here, and another further down in this post.  If you don’t always appreciate the printed word, and find it hard to focus, and finish books, that is okay, because the author, Janine Perez, has written this book – The Goal: Setting Your Goals and Achieving It so that it is easy to read, and very practical to understand and implement.  Janine will present a four-step process for you to follow and these will assist you in completing your goals as you have envisioned.

Now, here is some guidance on how to use our 5AM Podcast Worksheet…

Working at a desk and setting goals.
Working at a desk and setting goals.

Click the link at the end of this article for your very own, free printable pdf copy of the 5AM Podcast Worksheet.

1.  Write Your Goal.

  • 1 or 2 Sentences.
  • If this is time sensitive include the deadline – This will also be included in Step 3.

2.  Purpose of your goal.

  • Describe what this will accomplish in your life?
  • List how this will increase the quality of your life?
  • Upon the execution and completion who will be helped by this effort?

3.  SMART.

  • Provide a brief description for each heading in this section.
  • You can always come back to this latter if you are in a quandary for an answer to one of the sections.
  • Some of these may have been answered in Step 2.

4.  Trouble Shooting.

  • List any foreseeable issues or circumstances that could become a roadblock and how you will overcome those issues.

5.  Responsibilities & Action Items.

  • Take the time to list your responsibilities and your primary action items.
  • List others who will be a benefit your goals and project.
  • Here’s an example of an action item:
    • Your area gets a lot of snow each winter and weekly or daily snow shovelling will get in your way.  So consider listing snow clearing as a responsibility,  then hire out to your neighbour’s son or daughter.  It might cost a bit, but that is a small price to pay to shift the risk and responsibility to someone else so you can focus on your goals.  Think opportunity cost…

Click the link at the end of this article for your very own, free printable pdf copy of the 5AM Podcast Worksheet.

Here is a great reading recommendation. Written by Dr. Brene Brown Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms…

One other great tip…

Here is a tip which has been helpful in our home, and in the lives of other goal setters: Have a physical picture of the end result of your goal, (this works for your children who are athletes as well).  Maybe it is that you don’t want smoking as a part of your life anymore, or you want to lose 30 pounds.  Maybe it is that dream family vacation to Florida, or to Greece so your children can see where their Great-Yaya & Great- Pappoús came from…

I promised one more recommendation  This one is an audio book, and I don’t think there is any present day author more worthy of a recommendation than Zig Ziglar.

The Goals Program: Starting, Setting and Achieving Goals

– Author: Zig Ziglar


“Don’t start today with broken pieces of the past.  Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand new day and it is yours.” 

– Zig Ziglar

One Last Thing…

Don’t forget in all your getting and goal setting, to obtain wisdom and have the attitude of gratitude and abundance.  You were not an accident of the primordial ooze but you are a special and treasured creation of your creator.

You were not meant to be a slave, indentured servant, or the builder or another’s dream.

Keep at it.

Keep listening, reading and thinking.  Good things come to the patient and the wise.

The mission of the 5AM Podcast is to help you stay focused and motivated, to live in gratitude and a mindset and life of abundance.

Thanks for reading, rise and shine…

Click here for your SMART Goal Setting Work Sheet pdf


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