Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups

Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups

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At 5AM Podcast we are a fan of OptinMonster because we believe they offer the options to target and provide discounts to your prospects and clients.  Today, we are discussing the benefits of adding coupon popups to your sales and marketing strategy.  Targeted conversions with coupon popups are possible with OptinMonster’s advanced targeting features.  This enables us to offer coupons targeted to the right people, timely and appropriate for what our prospects and customers need.


OptinMonster’s coupon popups are designed to be easily created and executed.  A little later we will describe just how easy it is to design, build and implement the coupon popup.  However, before we get to that we want to discuss the features which make OptinMonster the premier option for coupon popups.  OptinMonster’s coupon popup enables us to offer the correct type of promotion to the appropriate customer and at the right time too.



Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


Custom and Personal

Keep in mind that these coupon popups are not just for your sister’s online Shopify clothing store.  You can also use a coupon popup for your podcast’s subscriber base or for your Uncle’s non-profit donor base.  Truly, there are tons of ways to customize a coupon.  Really unlimited in design and timing but also in what is offered.  For example, your sister Ruth is offering a discount, and at the other end of the dinner table you are providing your podcast subscribers a code for a special monthly video conference call.  Targeting certain customers – let’s say donor levels or geo-located customers – makes them feel special and generates goodwill.  In sales, we are in the solutions business, but we are also building relationships to provide and enhance life for our customers and to profit from as well.  And remember to save your work when you are finished customizing your work.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


How about your Uncle Rick’s non-profit Friends of Misty Meadows Equine Therapy.  Your uncle targets specific groups of donors based on interests and experiences.  For one, equestrian enthusiasts are one group he targets as his ranch rescues horses.  Second, he targets adults between the ages of 25-45 who are parents of children with Autism as his organization assists children with autism and other spectrum issues.


Here are a few features you can use:

Welcome guests with a timed popup.

  1. This ensures that visitors are sure to see your campaign after they’ve been on your site for a while.
  2. When setting up your popup you can choose a specific time, or even for it to popup instantly.
  3. You can choose between new and or returning customers.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


Customize the look of your coupon.

  1. OptinMonster has more than 30 templates to choose from and as usual their designs are up-to-date and trendy visuals.  You can start with the same template and change the layout and colour scheme to fit your situation.
  2. Easily scroll through the available themes or use the search bar to find something fast.  You can even design your own and use Canvas to start using what you have already created.
  3. Give your campaign a name and hit the “Start Building” button to get creating.
  4. Choose from existing themes, Oh and did I mention building is easy as it is all drag and drop.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


Target Parameters

  1. Mobile device, Tablet, or desktop.
  2. Their location.
  3. Their time on your site.
  4. Their demographic.
  5. Past history.
  6. Exit-intent.


When it comes to targeting your audience with a coupon popup promotion, the options seem limitless.  This process is designed with your time in mind.  With just a few minutes and a blast of your creativity we believe you will easily see more revenue start rolling in.


Delivery of your coupons.

Here you can deliver with Success View or via an automatic email.  With Success View this is already set up as the default button action.  This means that you don’t have to change a thing in your button action and your optin will show visitors whatever Success message you design in your Success View.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


Here is a little bit more about how Success View can help you:

  • Enter in the coupon code on the success view as shown above and of course you can customize this in the same way as the other parts of your campaign.
  • Want something else? You can redirect visitors to a new page where they can redeem the coupon.

The Success view is already set up as the default button action.  This means that you don’t have to change a thing in your button action and your optin will show visitors whatever Success message you design in your Success View.

If you want to change your button action to do something else, like send visitors to a different page once they optin, you’ll need to change the button action.

Remember, OptinMonster makes things really easy with drag and drop and all the great customizable options. It really is easy – just remember to save.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


Publish Your Popup Coupon

The last step each of you has is to save your changes and then publish your new coupon campaign.  To begin the publishing process, select the Publish tab to view the available publishing choices, then select the status button to make your coupon campaign live.


Targeted Conversions with Coupon Popups


But don’t feel like you should limit yourself to just that.  You can get creative and add multiple display rules for your visitors.

Unlike a WordPress coupon plugin, OptinMonster works on any site, regardless of what content management system you’re using.  That includes the industry-leading eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.


The Wrap-up

With over one million subscribers there is a high chance that your competitors may already be using OptinMonster’s Coupon Popups.  If you want some help with Ad Block Detection there is help for you here.

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