The Best Payment Method for Freelancers.

The Best Payment Method for Freelancers

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The Best Payment Method for Freelancers.  Are you searching for the best, most convenient way to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress site?  Search no further friend, WPForms provides an easy way to integrate PayPal into your forms so clients and supporters can make payments, donations, and more.  We believe this is the best payment method for freelancers and those who are self-employed.  Here are the requirements: You will need a Pro license level or higher to access the PayPal addon.

This simple to use collection method is not available to everyone.  Only Pro-license or higher users get to use this feature and let me tell you, it is well worth the upgrade.  If you need to upgrade your license you can do that here as well.

Once you have the WPForms Pro-license you can simply addon PayPal to collect payments, sales and donations in a very simple step.

In a nutshell, here is the way to do the addon for PayPal:

  • Install the PayPal Addon.
  • Create a new form – one can also edit an existing one.
  • Done!

For example, one could use the Billing/Order Form template – but really you can use pretty much any form that suits you best.

Watch this video below:

The forms available with WPForms and PayPal are intended to be an easy setup and option for you.  There are many field options when you set up your payment/donation forms.  To be real here, PayPal only needs one field to work and that is the “items field”.  And of course, true to form they have an option for this:

  • Single Item
  • Multiple Items
  • Checkbox Items
  • Drop Down Field Items.

Shall we consider how this could be used for our YouTubing neighbour Tony?  Tony is fixing up his boat and shares the videos each week with his followers.  The supporters of his channel want to buy his gear and support his cigar and beer funds and trust me, we all know Tony wants to collect in a simple and easy way.  However, Tony is already paying taxes and he really wants to collect donations and sell products but doesn’t want to lose the hefty percentages other collection sites take.  The dynamic Duo of WP Forms and PayPal to the rescue!  We will get to the taxes in a bit – that’s easy too.

Payment Field Options

Tony has t-shirts and stickers to give for different donation levels and he also sells his special Teak Boat Deck Stain and he can have all those specialized choices for his channel supporters.  With WPForms and PayPal Tony can have products and donation levels in drop down menus so the supporters can easily donate to a general fund, to the cigar fund and the beer fund – all at the same time and all in different amounts.  Tony can even give them the option of donation amounts through the drop-down menus he can create.

Safety and Security

With PayPal there is no need for you to handle and collect the credit card details.  PayPal takes care of all of that for you and the customers, or in Tony’s case, his channel’s supporters.

Getting Paid

This is super easy.  Once you have the forms set up to your liking you simply provide your PayPal account linked email and you are ready to receive your funds.

Now from time to time people will cancel the transaction and you even have the option of creating a landing page URL so when the person doesn’t complete the payment they can be redirected to the page of your choice.

Lastly, you have the option to receive the shipping details of your supporter.

So, we discussed neighbour Tony and his boat shop.  Let us consider if you are a contractor.  Well, let me tell you, these field options can work very well for you.

Here are a couple options you can use for a contracting business:

  • Project set up fee.
  • Phase payments for Project.
  • Deposits for Projects.
  • Materials
  • Drawings

The custom fields are really beneficial for both you and the customer.

One feature which I think you should really have a close look at are the smart forms – this is where one can automatically change content based on the user selections.  One such example is allowing the customer to use PayPal or Stripe.  The set up and selection of these is an easy click to implement.  Just select “Enable Conditional Logic”.

Let’s say you are marketing a workshop, you can present buying options in the drop-down menus.  This is like what we described above but the option appears as the customer makes a choice.

Let’s say you are a spiritual leader and you have a not-for profit, you can use these for donation levels – yes, those menus work for that too.  Let’s say part of your ministry is feeding hungry children.

These drop down menus could look something like this:

Yes, I want to help feed:

  • 10 Children tonight!
  • 15 Children tonight!
  • 25 Children tonight!

I know you get the idea.  WPForms and PayPal have worked together so you can easily collect funds.  They created this system to help you decide how to collect, and what options you are able to provide that best suit the needs and wants of your customers and followers.

Now let us talk about the tax collectors.  This is easy too.  You can seamlessly add your PayPal to your FreshBooks and QuickBooks account.  This wraps everything up in a very neat and tidy package.

This combination of PayPal and WPForms really is a Dynamic Duo to assist you in collecting payments and donations.  So, are you looking for the best payment method for freelancers?  This is it.  Everything is in one place, with all the options for your clients and supporters.  This really will help you to seize your days and prosper.

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