This WordPress Plugin Can Help When Asking for Donations.

This WordPress Plugin Helps When Asking for Donations

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This WordPress Plugin Can Help When Asking for Donations.  Accepting money online seems suddenly so necessary and actually easier than one might think.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Online payments are no longer out of reach for so many non-profit organizations.  If you read our articles here at 5AM Podcast you know that we appreciate so many of the options that are available through WPForms.  They have seriously changed the game for those of us who collect money online.

WPForms has taken the difficulty and challenge of collecting funds for one’s organization.  Whether a community sports team, a Church, or even a seniors’ hospice care center WPForms provides you the ability to collect money easily and securely online.  Are you asking for Donations?  This WordPress Plugin Can Help.

With WPForms your organization can easily implement an online donation form on your WordPress Site.  Here are a few points to consider if you are still wondering if this option may be for you.  Let’s get started looking at how this WordPress Plugin Can Help When Asking for Donations.

The Connection is Seamless.

Now this isn’t just the connection of adding the donation option with WPForms but WPForms makes it really easy to customize for fields to receive more details from your donors so you can stay in touch with them.  Jim Rohn has said: Fortune is in the follow-up and the connection options with WPForms helps you to stay in touch with donors so you can stay at the forefront of their donation goals.

Ease of Set-up

Payment solutions easily integrate into your site so you can accept donations.  Your set-up for collection of donations has become very simple.  Do you have a Non-Profit Donations Form?  It is easy for you to plug in to your existing WordPress site.  One can go to WPForms – Add New and create the new form.  Once you are at the setup screen, simply name your form and then select the Donation Form template. Have a look here at this  helpful screen shot.

Asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help.

Now you can place your information by customizing the form fields.  Once again, this is really user friendly and will not take long to have this up and operational, providing a great platform for your donors to connect with you.  This step is as simple as dragging and dropping what you need on your forms and making the desired selections.

Asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help.

As we discussed, the combination of fields and content of fields cover just about anything your organization could need, and then some.

Any field you need can be added with the drag and drop feature.  About the donation form field.  It is a Single Item field that gives users a chance to enter the amount they want to donate.  There are other options for this.  You can also use multiple choice or dropdown fields instead.

If you want to provide a multiple choice or dropdown field just simply drag the Multiple Items form field, found under Payment Fields, to the right-hand panel.  We’ll place this new field above the Donation Amount field.

After you have it how you like it just click the form field to make your desired changes.

Here are some of the options you can use:

  • Change the label to something like “Donation Amount”
  • Change each item to show a different donation amount
  • Add another item and call it something like “Enter Amount”

Asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help.

As you scroll down the page, you will see the Required checkbox.  Make sure you select this so that those filling out your donation form will enter their chosen amounts before clicking submit. Don’t forget this part, we don’t want those donation submissions to be incomplete.  There are a couple of other things you’ll need to do as well:

Enabling PayPal Payments

There is a checkbox enabling PayPal Standard payments on your donation form.  Check this one.  To ensure you receive your funds make sure to enter the email address associated with your PayPal account.  Next you have two options: Choose the Production mode or choose Test/Sandbox to test your form first.  Need help with testing your forms?  Here are two links to help you with this: how to test PayPal payments and how to test Stripe payments.

Do this prior to accepting real payments on your site.

Now here are just a couple more options for you:

  • Select the Donation payment type
  • Send site visitors to a certain URL if they don’t complete their PayPal donation
  • Select your preferred shipping setting
  • Decide whether to allow site visitors to include notes with payments

Asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help.

Once you’ve created your donation form, simply add it to your WordPress website.  As usual, WPForms allows you to add your forms to many locations on your website, including your blog posts, pages, and even sidebar widgets.  Remember at the start of the article I mentioned a community sports team?  Well this link takes you to a tutorial for creating online sports registration forms – great for all the Little Leaguers out there.  Make sure to check out this tutorial on how to make an online youth sports registration form.

Keep In Touch With Donors

You can combine your donation forms with some popular email marketing services like:

This gives you the chance to add donors to your email list and keep them informed about your organization’s events.  Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up.  WP Forms wants to help you stay connected.  If you want, you can even allow donors to donate while they’re filling out any other WordPress forms on your site.  Read about how to add optional payment to your WordPress forms.

The Final Wrap-up

And there you have it!  Are you asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help.  You now know how to create a non-profit donation form in WordPress.  So, what are you waiting for?  This WordPress Plugin Can Help When Asking for Donations.  Get started with this powerful WordPress forms plugin today.  And don’t forget, if you liked this article, please share this with your organization then please follow us on social media.

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