What Grammarly Can Do For You

What Grammarly Can Do For You

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Clear communication is a key component to success in life and in business.  We at 5AM Podcast believe that Grammarly is a program that helps fine tune and enhance your written communication and public presentations.  With this program you get to put the power of Artificial Intelligence into your writing – making your composition bolder, clearer and more compelling than ever before.  And with more than 10 million users across the globe there must be a lot of people succeeding with better writing.  Now is your chance to make technology work for you to help you get ahead in your communication with others.  Set yourself apart at school or at work with fine tuned and enhanced writing.  This program can even help your children advance beyond their peers at school.  
What Grammarly Can Do For You

3 helpful ways Grammarly will enhance your written communication and public presentations:

1. Starts at the Source.

Grammarly can be imbedded into your Chrome web browser.  This is really helpful in my opinion as it works with you while you are creating documents, emails, or social media posts.  Writing an article about your favourite past-time for a site like Medium?  No problem.  Grammarly can suggest word usage to enhance and make your thoughts more compelling.

2. Teaches you to Write More Effectively.

Grammarly is intended to assist you in your writing and it does so in spades.  As it corrects your grammar errors, punctuation and spelling mistakes, it also enables you to learn and become a more effective communicator.  As you use Grammarly, you will realize you catch on to the best practices for your papers and articles.  The improvement of  your vocabulary results because the program identifies and provides the correction of any contextual errors.
What Grammarly Can Do For You
What Will Your Story Be?

3. Ease of Use – just plug in and start typing.

Maybe you dream of writing a great play or a novel of your near death experience, but you just don’t know where to start.  Grammarly can help you as you start typing your ideas.  Honestly, with Grammarly it is kind of like having an English teacher coaching you as you type.  With Grammarly my ideas flowed better because I had the confidence to be creative with my thoughts.  The program catches my contextual errors and corrects my grammar.  It is a win-win situation.
What Grammarly Can Do For You
Getting Ready to Write.
Grammarly can work well for everyone as it enhances the thoughts you write down on the page.  No longer will you have to worry about co-workers judging your office communications and presentations.  The features of this program takes a lot of stress out of your work tasks.  
Grammarly really is like having a writing expert guiding you through the writing process.  I am sure it will provide you success at both school and at work.  Does your child have a tough teacher at school?  Grammarly can give your child the edge they need to get better grades and learn without the pressure of the overbearing instructor.  Would you like to see them advance beyond their peers?  I have to repeat myself, using Grammarly really is a win-win for your home and office.  Stop stressing and stop struggling with your writing, instead start using Grammarly today.  Thank you for reading this 5AM Podcast blog post, we know you can succeed.  Seize your days, control your ways and achieve beyond your goals.  For more information regarding Grammarly check out the video below.


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