Who is FreshBooks for?

Who is FreshBooks for?

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Who is FreshBooks for?  This delightfully helpful program works for both individuals and team work environments.  FreshBooks works equally well for all.  Regardless of one’s needs FreshBooks works well for invoicing, tracking expenses, online payments and of course tax preparation.  FreshBooks is really an all-in-one bookkeeping and accounting solution.  As an entrepreneur, all of these solutions are a welcome help to so many of the issues we face.  Plus, FreshBooks helps singles and team environments alike save money on accounting fees but this is only small aspect.  As you will see the services FreshBooks supplies is far beyond just the tax time accounting services.  FreshBooks saves you time on all the financial work your business empire requires.  At 5AM Podcast we want your business dreams to become reality and this is the reason we compiled the 8 ways FreshBooks will save you money and make business life easier.

How FreshBooks Works:

Freshbooks has so many helpful features.  This program serves you the following ways:

  • Accounting                  
  • Estimates
  • Expenses                     
  • Invoicing
  • Payments                    
  • Projects
  • Reports                       
  • Time Tracking

FreshBooks will even work on your smartphone.  Really the FreshBooks app works so well for the user.  This app enables the user to be in complete control of all aspects of the financial components of your business.  This app lets one stay connected to the client and the rest of the company anywhere you can use your smartphone.

Keep in mind FreshBooks lets you start using the program for free – no credit card is required to start seeing how easy FreshBooks is to start using.



FreshBooks is absolutely a secure and simplified way to ensure accurate accounting protocols for your business.  FreshBooks provides the user with accuracy in reporting and ensures all that is needed for compliance is in place.  The prepared financial reports are easy to understand – and you don’t need to get rid of your accountant!  FreshBooks easily integrates your information with the services and requirements of your accountant.



With FreshBooks the guess work is removed from creating estimates.  It does make estimating really much easier.  This program removes the guesswork from creating estimates.  It goes without saying how important this part of your business is.  You can try FreshBooks for free right now – just see how easy estimating can be.  The support you receive all the way through the job or project with FreshBooks is so helpful.  Plus, the program helps as it keeps track of your expectations and the expectations of the client for the duration of the job with accurate estimates and tracking of expenses.  If you follow through with this program it really keeps the components of the project on track.



Tracking expenses goes hand-in-hand with the estimate features.  Expense tracking is as simple as the click of a button.  With a simple click and view FreshBooks shows you what you are spending and how profitable your jobs are.  FreshBooks knows how much of a headache spreadsheets and receipts in cardboard boxes can be.  This expense tracking feature removes the tax time panic and receipt reading so many have to deal with each year.



The invoicing features included in FreshBooks is such a benefit.  With features like estimating, expense tracking, and invoicing your time and brain power are free to be fully engaged with your business and customer care.  We believe you will be amazed with the value you receive; at the simplicity of both invoicing and billing.  Everything is there with you when you use FreshBooks.  These features are combined so you can focus and succeed at your business.

How much do you want to earn this year?  FreshBooks can help you get there and the program can show you where you are, at any given time.




Now this is a great feature, yes FreshBooks helps you get paid.  They claim, they can help you get paid faster too.  How cool is this?  Your accountant probably will not collect your payments for you.  FreshBooks is different.  FreshBooks Payments makes it so easy for your clients to pay their invoices.  You don’t have to be the bill collector, this program takes care of that for you.



You guessed it, FreshBooks puts the management of a project and team collaboration together for you.  You want to deliver the results your clients and team members are expecting.  Not only does the accounting components of FreshBooks make your business life easier but the collaboration features enhance the team dynamic.  It works to keep everyone on the same page, completing the project together.



FreshBooks has powerful and helpful reports and business insights.  You do not have to take our word for it, take advantage of the free trial and see for yourself how the generated reports and dashboard give you the details you and your accountant love to see.  The reports are straight forward, detailed and take the guesswork out of how your business success is meeting your goals.  This program can show you where you are at with both client expectation and profitability.


Time Tracking:

Productivity and efficiency are both so important to your thriving and growing business.  I am sure you can see how all the features of FreshBooks work together to help you gain insight into your business and your path to success.  The time tracking feature enables you to visualize your efficiencies and the areas that need improvement.  No judging, just helpful insight and information.  The time tracking feature shows you where your staff and contractors are at and how the job or project is progressing.  Want to know if your project is on track?  This feature will tell you.


Who is FreshBooks for?


The Wrap-up:

All 8 of these features will help you to have greater efficiency, stay on track, and give your accountant the information they need to maintain their efficiency.  What FreshBooks brings together and provides you with will enable you to remain focused on what you do best and shows you what you can do better at.  With all these beneficial advantages and features described here we are sure that you can see what a benefit to your bottom line FreshBooks can be to your business and your goals for success.  Have a look at FreshBooks’ free trial.  There is no obligation with this trial.  We are convinced that FreshBooks is cost effective and is an enormous benefit for all who use it.  

If you are interested we have also completed another article comparing FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Accounting Software you can see that here.

From our point of view this program will help you seize your days, control your ways and be more than a conqueror.


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