Connected! WordPress & Salesforce

Connected! WordPress & Salesforce

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As a sales manager I was very excited to hear that WordPress had just announced that it had teamed up with Salesforce with a new addon.  As we know Salesforce is a suite providing customer relationship management.  Some of what Salesforce enables us as salespeople to do, is engage our clients with timely and relatable information.  I really think of Salesforce as the sales engine that enables us to engage, sell, launch, provide and move.  Now that WordPress has a Salesforce addon we can use Salesforce with a new agility.

Connected! WordPress & Salesforce

To me this seems like we have WordPress as the fuel or even the driverless car of our customer relations management.  Our customer relations in sales is vital to our success in sales.  Those timely emails that connect with a client, or taking information from a WP Form, now with this new connection those entries are sent directly to Salesforce CRM.


This is automatically adding the fuel we need to connect with prospects and clients through Salesforce.


As we all know our client’s access us via our WordPress site.  Prospects and clients alike use our site for a variety of reasons.  When they visit, they provide us with the information we need to provide the solution to their problems.  This is where the WordPress Elite user can connect with ease to the customer relations management skill set of Salesforce.  For example, your customer enters information on your site and WordPress can utilize data already stored in Salesforce for that client.  New personalized data from that client can be sent to their Salesforce file – no more copy and paste required.


We really have the top content management and the top relationship management coming together to make the sales path straighter and the luggage lighter.  The idea of this addon is to provide consistency, save time, and provide higher quality data.

Connected! WordPress & Salesforce
Providing a Better Customer Experience.

Better Customer Experience

This integration also provides a better experience for our website visitors.  Combining these two of course is more cost effective for your company but the customer experience is also better.  For example, now your WordPress site can utilize information you have about your customer and use this to provide content, CTA (call-to-action) and an experience that is more personalized thus being more effective over all in these areas.  It truly is automating parts of the client connect process.  One could say this facilitates a more personalized sales funnel.  Just think, no more copy and paste to Salesforce when you receive a new entry on your WordPress site.


Ease of Integration

There is not just one way to integrate WordPress and Salesforce.  Here is a brief list of ways your content management and relationship management can work together and make your sales life better.  WordPress uses the Salesforce API to ensure the security when sending your form entries.

Lead Forms:

  • Insert information which automatically flows to where the client or prospect needs it.

Form Builders:

  • Together, the CM and CRM provide pre-filled form fields.
  • Two-way communications between WP and Salesforce.
  • Integrated payments.

Custom Integration:

  • Custom built solutions overcome complex information and style requirements.
  • Display data from Salesforce on your website.
  • Manage large databases.
  • Optimal control over style, presentation and Salesforce objects and fields.

Updated 3+ Million Sites

The Wrap-up

WordPress is always on the alert to bring you the very best options you need to excel and seize your days.  WPForms enables you to connect any form to Salesforce CRM.  Plus, you can add multiple Salesforce accounts.  These two coming together show how they are working to help accelerate your sales goals and create a connected back end while providing a better website experience for your prospects and clients. Seriously, I believe both parties will be saying: “Well that was easy…”

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